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I’ve loved inspiring people all my life.

I love being a sales mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them with sales and success strategies, marketing planning. All to increase profits and pleasure.

At the young age of only eighteen, I began working with the advertising division of a Fortune 500 company as an  errand boy.  In the same year, I was named and won, sales MVP and promoted to Regional executive.  I continued to set the world record as the youngest executive manager in company history.

Seeking to advance my career I became a real estate investor until the national financial collapse. Like many, I lost much during those years. I never lost my eagerness to sell and climbed back on top.

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Focus on client acquisition and scaling.

Becoming sellable




How To Be A High Performance Person


This call took an unexpected twist, in that the person in the “hot seat” came on the show to ask for advice on selling on a MLM product, but we quickly ended up getting the heart of the matter and covered a lot of ground in doing so, centered around being a high performance person.

I gave this personal trainer, Elyssa Hartman Bulthuis, some tough love, which she has already started to act upon.

How To Have Clear Enthusiasm


How To Have Clear Enthusiasm–Learn how to set yourself on fire (on command) to turn on your enthusiasm button when you’re selling in order to drastically improve your sales!!!

We had Heather Clark and she helps entrepreneurs be more productive!