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Results are not born from fairy tales.

I’m already successful and don’t need more friends. I don’t need you to like me because my ego is already too big. The only thing I care about is results. I definitely don’t care how you feel or think. Why? Remember, I only care about results.

I’m not one of those flower/fairy business coaches you’re used to. In fact, I’m not a coach at all. I don’t “coach” answers out of you. Sugar coating doesn’t get answers. If you had the answers you wouldn’t be here. I’m a Mentor because I tell you exactly what to do to make sales.
It’s well known that I am one of the best sales trainers on the planet. To mention all my qualifications here is unnecessary. All you need to know that I am an expert in lead generation and closing the sale.

Results are not born from fairy tales.
Stop wasting time and money and learn how to sell already.

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The Six Figure Coaches Club

A proven and tested 8-week online implementation program.

This is not your typical watered-down 6-figure course.

This is an implementation program steps from real closing experience.


•  How To Close Without “High Pressure” Tactics

•  Video Tutorials

•  High Level Accountability

•  How To Set Up Automated Lead Generation

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How To Be A High Performance Person

higperdomeace This call took an unexpected twist, in that the person in the "hot seat" came on the show to ask for advice on selling on a MLM product, but we quickly ended up getting the heart of the matter and covered a lot of ground in doing so, centered around being a high performance person. I gave this personal trainer, Elyssa Hartman Bulthuis, some tough love, which she has already started to act upon.

How To Have Clear Enthusiasm

reliabelfire How To Have Clear Enthusiasm--Learn how to set yourself on fire (on command) to turn on your enthusiasm button when you're selling in order to drastically improve your sales!!! We had Heather Clark and she helps entrepreneurs be more productive!