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Who Is Aaron Janx?

I’m a serial entrepreneur and third generation sales trainer. This is where I share what’s working to build profitable brands that escape the epidemic of average. 

Latest Content

Do This To Get Over The Fear Of Rejection

Let’s say somebody hangs up on you while you’re cold calling. Who’s fault is that? Well, you could think that it’s their fault because they didn’t even let you finish your pitch. The problem with this is that you fail to take responsibility of the outcome which will only hurt you. 

Does Your Network Equal Your Net Worth?

Your nucleus consists of people that support what you are doing. They are true followers. Sometimes they can be friends or family but you don’t necessarily need to know them personally. They support you. Maybe they don’t support you actively but they definitely support you passively. 

Have A Sales Process They Love

Take a look at your sales process. Is it offering some inherent value to the prospect? Is it something that you are not ashamed of promoting? 

Gone Are The Days

Beat your competition by waking up a little earlier and doing what they are not willing to do. Set aside time daily  to train to become a little bit better. 

The #1 Tip To Become The Best Salesperson

Wake up early, create content and share it out with people. This can lead to doing some digital prospecting, calling people and even cold walking. Having something to give someone is a good way to acquire e-mail addresses and gives you an excuse to call someone. 


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