Tired of the hard way?

Many people are telling us how to be in order to become what they define as success.
I don’t know about you but I’m tired of people telling me that I should be getting up early, working out some way, eating this or that, reading a certain amount of books, meditating, journaling, developing a particular set of skills, posting on social media a certain amount, or even at all.
I’m tired of it because there is no single right way to be successful.
We get into trouble when we adopt other people’s way/formula of success as our own.
Yet when we act in alignment with our soul, success automatically becomes part of our experience because the power of our intentions are focused in harmony rather than splintered in chaos.
And in that way, we manifest our desires with speed and without 
resistance .
Our soul’s path is also (ironically) the path of least resistance.

I'm here _____to TO HELP YOU _____BE MORE OF WHO YOU ARE______ THROUGH ME BEING WHO______ I AM.