3 Ways To Get Clients Fast (Networking Isn’t One)

Many times, as new consultants, we feel like we’ve done everything right.

We followed the business plan and stuck with it from start to finish but we’re missing an important piece of the puzzle: clients. Or maybe we have a few clients but just not enough. The question quickly becomes: “How can I get clients fast?”

There are 3 very effective ways to get clients fast. And the good thing is, these ways don’t involve networking or cold calling!

Here they are: 

1. Digital Prospecting
2. Social Media Campaigns
3. Cold e-mail Outreach

Let’s take a look at each of these ways and how you can effectively get clients by implementing them. 

1. Digital Prospecting

Digital prospecting is one of the best ways to get clients fast in today’s world. (Seriously).

There are literally billions of people on social media platforms today.

In just a couple of minutes, you have the ability to reach dozens of people all over the world.

The cool thing about digital prospecting is that it doesn’t involve any type of cold calling or even soliciting. It can be done in a way that is fun, friendly and effective. Get my extensive course on digital prospecting here.

So how do we use social media to get clients?

Step 1

 Find social media groups and start to contribute in these groups.

Your goal is to engage with people and not to spam them.

Do NOT spam these groups. Trust me, that’s not only a major headache for the admins of the group, it also diminishes your value and will only hurt you in the long run.

Another option is to go to different celebrity pages that you think your target niche would like and start to engage people on these pages.

The way to engage with people is just to answer questions in a helpful way, or comment on the things that people have said.

Community forums, such as Quora and Reddit are other great options to find leads by building value first.

Step 2

Once you’ve connected with individuals directly in groups and pages, it’s time to continue the conversation in a private message.

It’s most effective to use a direct one-on-one approach. This is where you lead the conversation by asking great questions that will help you understand their situation.
Be as genuine as possible here.

If you are only trying to get someone on a call quickly, or sell a product, you won’t be successful.

You must be authentic in the way you ask the questions and the help that you offer.

Step 3

Once you’ve understood their situation and are pretty certain that you can help, invite them on a sales call, or strategy call.
On the call you will attempt to close the prospect if he or she is a good lead.

This process is a tried and true way to getting clients fast.

You can literally start talking to people today and by tomorrow, you can have a new client.

1. Social Media Campaigns

What are social media campaigns?

Essentially, running social media campaigns is just advertising your product or services on platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.
But for the sake of this post, let’s use Facebook as an example.

The powerful thing about running advertising campaigns is the ability to retarget individuals that have already engaged with your content at some level.

It can be pretty cost effective if you take the time to find the right audience and craft the right message.

The most time-consuming part of running ads is getting to the right people.

This is what your process could look like:

Step 1

Test different audiences to see who your target niche is. This is pretty easy to set up in your Facebook ads manager page.

Step 2

Next, test a couple of different advertising campaigns to see which one gets the most clicks. You can choose to use short recorded videos that you’ve made or you can use written text.

Step 3

 Re-target the people that have liked, engaged or clicked on your ad with a follow-up message and an invite to get on a call with you (or buy your product).

When running ads on social media platforms it is very important to remember that you have to turn cold traffic into warm traffic in order for it to convert well.

People used to be more likely to buy from someone that is completely unknown to them via in their newsfeed. However, those days are long gone.
Today, people have to trust you first before they will be willing to give you their phone number or even book a call with you. Much less give you their credit card. 

Running social media campaigns takes a little bit of a learning curve. You must be willing to put in a little bit of time and effort to initially discover your audience. But once you find a good niche, the possibilities are endless moving forward. Because you can keep building on your audience. 

3. Cold email Outreach

I’m not talking about spam.

Definitely, don’t do that. Cold e-mail outreach takes a little bit of creativity and purpose but it can be really effective to help you get clients fast.

The goal is to have a little bit of a conversation with a prospect that eventually leads to them booking a call with you.

Step 1

Find an e-mail address of a potentially good prospect.

You can do this by searching a specific industry on Facebook and finding the address on a business page.

Another way is to do a Google search and find emails like that. Get creative and think of ways to get access to emails! 

Step 2

Craft a helpful email that adds value and also encourages a response from the person you’re reaching out to.

Make it meaningful and real.

Take a few extra minutes to make it personal.

Step 3

Have a conversation that, preferably, ends in a strategy call. Again, don’t be machine-like. Take the time to show your level of expertise. Also, as much as you can, be authentic.

The key to getting clients fast is to be strategic about your conversations.

The first goal is to get a prospect on the phone and the second goal is to close them on the call. You can more about the prospecting process by visiting this page.

Keep in mind that the initial outreach to a prospect is all about establishing a connection and finding a need that you can fill.

Know your target niche and what they might be struggling with.

If you are trying to get clients fast, I’d highly recommend that you stay away from “busy” work.

These can be things that you do to make yourself feel good but aren’t really getting you anyway.

You’d be surprised how many people go to networking groups just to ease their conscience in that they did something that week to expand their business.

Another danger is procrastinating things like lead generation because you don’t have everything perfect.

This happens WAY too much.

A way to avoid this is to spend the first hours of your workday with lead generating activities, such as reaching out to people in e-mails or on social media.

Remember, you’ve got to have leads to last in any business. And especially if you’re just starting your consulting or coaching business.

Related Questions

1. How do you find high-paying clients?

There are high-paying clients everywhere. You can use the methods described above to find people that are willing to pay high ticket prices for your services.

The key to finding people that are willing and able to pay high ticket is to have a good screening process in place.

By screening process, I mean having a questionnaire for your potential clients to fill out before getting on a call with you.

This should only take a couple of minutes to fill out and not be too complicated.

However, one of the key questions to have on there is a question about their financial ability and readiness to invest in their business if they feel that your services are a good fit.

Another important aspect of getting high paying clients is to believe in your services and ask for a higher amount. It’s amazing how many consultants and coaches are afraid of charging high-ticket.

If you truly believe that your services are the best out there, you will be more than happy to charge higher ticket as well.