7 Steps To Starting A Career Consulting Business

Have you considered becoming a career consultant?

A career consultant provides guidance to people who need help with choosing a career, or are transitioning into a new phase of business and life.

In most cases a license or certification is not required to provide services, unlike a career counselor.

If you have some experience and knowledge in assisting people transition from one career to another, or you’ve found yourself helping people pick the right career, career consulting might be for you.

So how do you become a career consultant and start a profitable business?

Let’s look at these 7 crucial steps to becoming a paid career consultant.

1. Do your research and pick a niche

Before you pick your niche, it’s important to spend a few hours doing extensive research on what people are searching for.

I can’t tell you how many new consultants and coaches skip this step and pay for it later.

Don’t skip doing the research.

Here are a few ways to research what your target niche could be looking for:

  • Ask questions in Google and see what your competition is saying and if people are truly getting their questions answered. Use the “suggested search” options in Google, as well as their “autofill” suggestions. Doing this will give you an idea of search terms that people have entered in Google and how well these searches are being responded to. You don’t want to spend a lot of time creating courses and answering questions that nobody is asking.
  •  Use a research tool. There are many paid options for this tool. I would recommend Ahrefs, however, you can also use other ones if you just search for SEO research tools in your browser. This is not so much about SEO as it is about doing the proper research to see who is looking for what you can offer. What are their actual questions?

Once you have a good idea of what people are searching for, you can then pick your niche according to the data that you’ve found.

Will you be working with college students? With middle-aged people that want to change their careers?
Or will you focus on helping stay-at-home moms discover a side career that they will love?

The possibilities are endless. However, you want to make sure that there is a market for what you are looking to create.

2. Create your packages and price your programs

Now that you’ve picked your niche and done the research, you are ready to create a program that will change the life of your client.

You’ve seen the major questions that your target group of people is asking and you know what they are struggling with.

So it will be easy to create something appealing to them.

I recommend creating programs that last anywhere from 6-12 weeks.

When you are creating your programs, think about the following questions:

– How will I deliver my services?
– Will I meet with my client on a weekly basis, or twice a month?
– What will my client achieve by going through this program?
– Is this program solving my ideal target’s problems?
– How much will I charge for my program?

The biggest thing to keep in mind as you’re creating your packages is to remember that your clients are going to be paying you for YOU. They want your guidance, counsel and knowledge. Don’t worry if you think that you don’t have enough “information”.

Career consulting is unique because it will be different from person to person. Therefore the most important thing is that you are confident that you can point your client in the right direction in helping him or her choose a career or life purpose in align with who they are.

3. Brand yourself and create a website

Branding yourself as a career consultant is very important for the long-term profitability of your business.

The easiest and fastest way to do this is to keep your social media platforms branded in a similar way. This means picking similar photos, color palette’s, etc., for all your platforms.

Also, start to post regularly on one or two platforms.

Some good posts to create are around questions you’ve found while doing your research and problems that you help your ideal clients solve.

Try to use good photography on your platforms and website.

When it comes to creating a website, don’t overcomplicate it.

You can hire a web designer for a fairly affordable price, or you can make a basic simple website in WordPress yourself.

Stick to a clean theme and don’t worry about having a lot of content on there just yet.

Right now, you are starting your brand and your focus should be on setting the foundation of a profitable career consulting business.

4. Create content that your target niche is searching for

Next, your job will be to start creating powerful and epic content on your website and social platforms.

Your short term goal with this is to attract and draw in people that are already searching for what you do.

The long term goal is to begin to rank on Google when people search for keywords related to career consulting.

Don’t worry about SEO right now.

Just put out great content on a weekly basis and if it’s helpful and relevant, you will soon start to pick up traffic on there.

5. Focus on getting clients

Meanwhile, you will obviously want to start getting paid clients.(Otherwise you can’t technically call it a business, right?)

The fastest way to do this is to use social media to prospect for clients while you are creating a more automated approach.

We have a great masterclass that can show you how to do this. Check it out here. This information has made our students tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

When you are reaching out to people that have commented or engaged on your social media platforms, remember that you are looking to see who you can be of service to.

Do not spam or cold pitch to your customers.

Instead, have a conversation and genuinely seek to help them. Manually generating leads will also help you get clearer on your ideal client and what problems they are facing. All of this will help you with point number 6. 

6. Run social media campaigns.

Simultaneously, (and even sooner if you have extra cash), you can begin to run Facebook ads to help you get more clients on autopilot.

There is a bit of a seasoning period to running ads, so make sure you schedule in some extra time to do this.

There are lots of ad experts out there, however, we’ve found that there is a simple way to get leads that doesn’t break your bank.

If you want to learn more about exactly how to do that, please check out this masterclass  take too long to go into every detail in this post. 

7. Create a course and automate

Maybe you love to work with clients one on one and don’t feel the need to automate your business entirely.

This is great and you should definitely keep doing what you most enjoy doing.
However, if you do want to automate your career consulting business a little more, or you want to supplement your income, I’d recommend creating amazing courses that your ideal target will love.

Again, using Facebook ads to market these is a great way to sell courses.

Also, leveraging the traffic that you are getting on Google through your great blog content is another way to monetize.

There are many ways to potentially monetize your work as a career consultant. Initially, it’s important to just get started working with clients. It will feel like you are not ready. But, we never feel quite ready to start something new. 

The fastest way to get better is to get started. If you want some more in depth information on starting a consulting business, you really need to check out this long and thorough article. It will really help you out. 

Related Questions

1. How much do career consultants charge?

It really depends. There are some consultants that charge per hour. While I don’t recommend that you do that, it might be something you’ll need to do at one point or another.

What I recommend is charging per packages, which means you offer a 6-12 week program and charge a one-time fee for that. It could be anywhere from $1500-$3000 or more.

If you sell courses, you can obviously price them lower and in line with what your competition is doing.

2. What skills do I need to be a great career consultant?

In order to be a great career consultant, you need to first and foremost really care about the people you are helping.

Some additional skills are:
– Communication and listening skills
– Patience
– The ability to ask great questions and get to the bottom of a certain belief
– Sales skills (because without these, your business will fail)
– Enthusiasm
– Positivity and love for what you do