I could best be described as "insatiably curious".

Exploring and discovering "new things" have always been a part of me. Not just in the world around me but also ways to learn and grow and excel in many different fields.  If you were to ask me what I do best, I would tell you that one of my greatest gifts is making music and creating art -- as well as public speaking, strategizing, starting businesses, marketing, selling and of course, teaching personal influence.  

When I was 18, I began working for a Fortune 500 company and quickly worked my way up the ladder, winning numerous records and being named sales MVP for my division. I was also recognized as the youngest executive manager in company history. As far as I know, my sales achievements are still world record holders today. 

Over a period of a few years and a number of challenging setbacks (as life tends to give us), I went on to become a real estate investor and a person influence strategist and consultant. 

While consulting with many business owners and entrepreneurs,  helping them achieve success using influence and marketing strategies I developed, I began to see a deep need to rise above and beyond the very noisy and, at times, highly superficial marketing world to dig deeper into the strategies and principles that caused historic figures to create a massive impact on this world -- that lasted way beyond their lifetime. 

I also recognized the frequency of people "self-sabotaging" themselves in the exact things that they wanted to excel at; in their dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, or business owner, or even personal goals such as losing weight. The very thing that they said they wanted to do, they were NOT doing. Clearly, I needed to figure out what was causing so many people to live frustrated lives. I also was determined to come up with solutions that could tremendously help people to have the best work and relationships. 

I began to dedicate countless hours to studying the patterns of notable figures, the polymaths and change-makers in the modern and past history in order to make distinctions that could help me be better, as well as ways to add more value to my clients. 

I currently host the "Historic Distinctions" Podcast,  consult with business owners/entrepreneurs around the world at JanxTraining, and I'm pursuing my love for music & film through regular vlogging. When I'm not doing one of those things, you'll find me deeply studying and learning about great historic figures, exploring specialty coffee shops around the country, teaching my kids important life-skills or coming up with new strategies to contribute to my world on a higher level.