Not Everyone Is An Entrepreneur

These days I see a lot of people attempting to be entrepreneurs who really have no business trying that venture. It takes a lot of tenacity, a certain kind of grit, stubbornness, and maybe even a level of craziness to be an entrepreneur. 

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Be Obsessed With Your Pipeline

Maybe it’s true that you are not the best talker, or that you don’t specifically excel at closing deals but that won’t stop you from making a sale with the people that buy easily and the people that see your product as “perfect timing”.

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Your True North

The goals you write down may seem unrealistic, crazy and even impossible to you right now but that doesn’t matter. Write them down anyway and don’t spend any time figuring out HOW you’re going to achieve them. 

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Is This The Fall Of The West?

Millennials are the snowflake generation. Our culture is over- feminized. The ying and the yang is off. We’re heading towards and Islamic-based West.
How did we get here?

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