This Group Is About...


Cutting-edge sales and marketing training that will teach you how to have dominant marketplace posturing to easily close sales with power.


Get your flaky feet held to the fire so that you actually produce the results you set out to –  unlike the rest of your life where you probably sold yourself short on what you’re really capable of.


I review sales, sales funnels, social media marketing, ads, prospecting pitches, prices, pictures and many other things and give you my straight-up, no bullshit style of feedback that I don’t have the time to give anywhere else.

This Group Is For...

This Group Is NOT For...

For Only $97 (damn near free) Per Month You'll Get

Get Client Flow Hero (Bonus)

(Watch the video to see what’s inside)
An entire course with hundreds of video segments (valued at $997), teaching you exactly how to: 

  • Become sellable on Social Media.
  • How to start conversations that lead to sales calls
  • How to structure your sales calls with prospects to ensure high closing ratio.
  • How to use conversational selling in your sales calls.
  • How to handle objections.
  • How to use video marketing to build your brand.
  • How to increase social proof to get more clients/customers.
  • And MANY MORE cutting-edge business building strategies…

Brass balls Community

A private Facebook group for committed entrepreneurs only that are in it to win it. This is a community with high standards and accountability, where shit gets done. Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • Weekly Live Training Calls
  • Daily prompts to take action on activities to make more sales.
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • The ability to ask ALL questions at any time.
  • The FOCUS and direction you need to make more sales 
  • A community of like-minded individuals!

Still Not Sure?
Don't Be A Flake!
Others Have Paid Me 10k-20k To Learn What You Will
for Only $97 per month (Damn near Free.)

Student Review reviews

"Aaron's the real thing. Just follow his process. I use to HATE sales. I was intimidated by it but after just one of a Aaron's lessons I closed a 13K deal in the same week!"
Video Marketing Ninja
"I started working with Aaron and my coaching program exploded! I used to beg people to buy my program for $250. He made me raise my prices 1000% and I made 10K in 2 weeks."
W. N
Real Estate Investing Coach
"Aaron helped me put all of the puzzle pieces together. I put the things aside that I had learned in courses and just did what he told me to do. I closed about 15K in just a couple weeks!"
W. B.
CEO- Happy by Design

Closed a 13K deal in the first few days of working with Aaron...

Keith experienced a mindset shift and started seeing himself as the prize. Closed 13K in the first few days. 

Play Video
Play Video

Made 15K in the first 15 days of being in the program!

Wendy got clear on what she needed to do and how to do it. Made 15K in the first 15 days. 

Made 6 sales at $2500 in a couple weeks!

Whitney raised her prices, stopped begging people to buy her program and made 6 sales at $2500 within a couple weeks.

Overcame her fears and made back the investment in the program in a few weeks...

Once she got the hang of it, Gena became a rockstar at digital prospecting conversations and making sales.

Made 3 or 4 high-ticket sales within the first 5 days of being in the program!

Nadja came into the program having a difficulty closing the sales. After learning the strategies Aaron teaches, she made close to 20K in just a few weeks. 

500% Increase In Sales For A Tool Company...

Made $14000 extra, in a couple weeks!

Lisa came into the program without having consistent sales and charging minimal prices.  After learning how to effectively prospect and close sales, she quickly made 14K.


What Is Your Refund Policy?

Seriously? It’s $97. If you’re looking for a refund on that amount you ought to be looking for a street corner to live on. There are no refunds.

Do You Do Tutorials on Tech Stuff?

No!!! I’m not Youtube. Take your lazy ass and type in your question on Youtube and they’ll give you a damn tutorial. I’m not some meat head sitting around making tutorials for you.

Is This For Beginners or Advanced?


Why Do You Call People Names?

Because people deserve it and I enjoy it. It works for me and my students. If you have to ask that question, you should not join.

What If I Want To Quit The Group?

Send us an email telling us your desire to quit within 30 days of the next billing cycle and we’ll 
remove you.

Do You Have Rules In The Group?

Yup. Same as the Rules In Straight Up Entrepreneurs.

Does This Training Work For All Businesses?

How the hell do I know? Things only work as much as someone understands and implements. Every kind of business can benefit from simply being around my level of heat.

Do You Give Direct 1:1 Support or Only in the Group?

This is a $97 per month group. I can’t be running around having private conversations with everyone. I also don’t want any PMs sent to me. All questions should be in the group.

Do You Want More Leads?