Commitment: The Way To Win In Business and Life

When you have the commitment to do whatever it takes to win, you have already won.

Think about that. You have already won, the universe just needs to catch up.

This means that you don’t start and then back off. You don’t say to yourself, “oh, I got started and life got in the way”, or, “I wanted to do this and then grandma got sick”, or “my dog got diarrhea problems”, etc.”

Those things are common to all people. Unexpected events and tragedies happen to everyone, so whenever you meet with them, say to yourself, “this is common”, and keep going.

It’s a mistake to think that your difficulties and challenges are different than everyone else’s. Yes, maybe the scenarios are not the same but everyone at the top could have let those situations that pop up in their life keep them from their dreams. But they didn’t and that’s why they are there.

So when you make the commitment to yourself and renew this commitment every day – sometimes every hour and every minute – and you commit to doing whatever it takes, for however long it takes, you are already there. It is guaranteed to happen.

What Are You Fighting For?

You’re fighting for your dreams. Nobody is worth sacrificing your dreams for. Not your children, your mom or dad, or spouse is worth sacrificing  your dreams for. 

And make no mistake, settling or compromising is sacrificing your dreams. It’s quitting.

Do not quit on your dreams. Because when you quit on your dreams you will also quit on everyone else. You will be less for everyone else. 

How can you be of much value to people when you’re compromising your own dreams?

Jim Rohn said, “the best thing you can do for somebody else is to become a better version of yourself.”

And how can you be a better person when you quit on your own dreams?

When you sacrifice your dreams for others, you will also quit on them.

You were born to do great things, you were born to win.

As Zig Ziglar used to say, “You’ve been endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

It’s in you, you know it.

I know that it resonates with you. It reverberates in your being. You know it’s true.

Lost Potential

Have you ever wondered why you cry at certain points in movies, or when you see a great athletic display or you listen to a brilliant speaker? You get goosebumps and maybe even tear up a bit. The experience is so intense.

Or you go to a symphony and hear and see all of those hundreds of instruments playing different notes and yet they all come together in some great finale.

When you hear someone hit that note when they are singing the national anthem….and you tear up a little bit….

What is all that about? What is that feeling? It’s a weird feeling that you get…almost like a melancholy sadness.

And my contention for you is that whenever you feel those feelings, you are meeting your grief of your lost potential.

You know that greatness is inside of you. You get a weird sadness, yet the event is not sad but people cry a little bit. 



That is the grief of your own potential that you meet with. You can’t always put words to it. But you know that you too belong to greatness.

And you feel like you’re falling short. That you’re now a spectator, sitting in the stands, the most dangerous position to be in. You’re being a spectator but you know you’re supposed to be a player.

I know you’ve felt like that. You know that you’re more than that but you’ve settled along the way, you’ve compromised. You bought into the lie of the average. They are the loudest group because they are the majority .Their ideology is everywhere. You grew up with them. Maybe you live with them.

The average mindset: “I just want to be comfortable.” “I want to retire.” “I want a 401K” I want to get the house paid off”. They have such little inky -winky goals.

It’s not that they never had big dreams because they did. Do not let them sell you on the fact that they never had big dreams. Everybody when they were a little kid had outstanding dreams of excellence. They wanted to be something wild.

Nobody did not want to be recognized for greatness, or famous.

Being famous is just being recognized for being outstanding in something. Even if you’re the Kardashians – they are recognized for getting attention. They are outstanding at getting attention!

And money follows attention!

Trump is brilliant at getting attention. He manipulates and plays the media like a puppet. Forget about his politics but nobody can deny that Trump is not good at getting attention. If there is anything that he’s good at, it’s at getting attention.

Say No To Average

Instead of being a spectator and a sideliner, you can step up to the stage and dominate that space and not let the people around you drag you down because they are deadbeats. Average people are deadbeats. Because they have low expectations.

And they try to convince you with stuff like, “I just make it easy for me to be happy.”

Thank God, the wold doesn’t wait on those kinds of people to make progress because we’d still be in the stone age!  All they want to do is the same things, be comfortable and have small goals.

Its only the small few that never give up on their dreams and aspirations that actually progress this world we live in.

They are the ones that give us electricity, the internet, the air conditioner and the computer.

You do not need to thank the average. They are suppressors.

The outstanding amongst us are the ones who you ought to be grateful for because they set a new standard. The standard of greatness, not the standard of average.

If you compare yourself to the average, you are going to be average. If you surround yourself with greatness, you’re are going to be great. That is what’s inside of you.

Do you want to stop grieving your potential? Be willing to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes. And let time catch up with you.

And all the hardship that you go through will be counted as your glory when you’ve made it.

Commitment In your Business...

Commitment is commitment. You know what that looks like. More often than not, people are not 100% committed to being successful. If you have no choice, you’re going to make it work. 

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