Duh!? Of course you want more leads.

Maybe a better question is,
"Who doesn't want more leads?"

Since we’re here together, asking that question, let me answer it for you:

The only people that don’t want more leads are,

  1. those who have given up on getting an abundance of leads online, or
  2. those who can’t very well manage the leads they do get, which is symptomatic of not hiring properly or sucking at sales.

But maybe (probably)  you don’t fall into those categories.

Maybe you’re with the majority of business people and you need a more steady and abundant lead flow into your business to make it, and your life more sustainable.

Either way, you’re in the right place. And I’m glad you’re here. 

Because I, too, was once where you are. I understand how frustrating it can feel to have an amazing service that has the potential to change someone’s life, yet not being able to get it in front of enough of the right people. 

But I have good news for you: It doesn’t have to stay like this. There is a solution to your lack of leads and sales, trust me.

I want to get into that more but first, I want to take you on a little journey of what my own process has been like over the years and how I got to where I am today. (You’re right, I didn’t get here overnight)

If Only I Knew What To Do...

There is a lot that I’ve learned over the past 15 years of working in sales and marketing. After having personally trained and worked with hundreds upon hundreds of entrepreneurs, I’ve seen that when people know better, they typically do better.

What stands in the way of so many well-intentioned entrepreneurs is getting lost in the fog of information and not knowing what to do.

You probably know exactly what I’m talking about. (Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.) 

“Should I or can I even use social media to get leads?” 

“Should my website be set up differently?”

“Is something wrong with my product or service offering or the way I sell it?”  

“Do I need an entirely different offering?”

“What is the right sales funnel?”

Many people who’ve been in business for years STILL struggle to answer these questions.

I know I did.

I tried so many things and spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to crack the code of getting consistent leads online.

The Struggle

Having been in sales since I was 18, I was no stranger to what it takes to get leads via cold calling or cold walking. In fact, I was GREAT at it and had seen a lot of success. I knew exactly what it took to make a sale.

However, when I got into the online business world I was rather clueless. This virtual world was something completely different.

I was a guy in my 20’s, and even I found navigating the online world daunting. (Crazy, huh?)

So I began my online business journey by attempting to use social media to get attention and leads for my business. But it didn’t work. I was awkward in my approach.

I tried sharing a lot of business-related motivation posts in good faith that these motivation posts would get a lot of engagement, likes and shares.

Yep, you guessed it, it didn’t work.

Take notice of how many “likes” I received.

Get Leads Online- pics 1

In addition, I tried to build a following by being relatable and telling people what I was
doing and where I was doing it. My thought was that if I could build a large following of people that could “relate” to me somehow, I’d be able to have more than enough leads to keep a steady flow going in my business.

Needless to say, it didn’t work and I, once again, got no engagement. I most definitely didn’t get any leads, that’s for sure. 

How To Start A Consulting Business Online - Aaron Janx

Next I had, what I thought to be, an amazing idea where I tried making my own content. I went about interviewing 350 well- known and successful entrepreneurs for my podcast. I learned from them, thinking that other people could also learn at the same time.

While the experience was very educational for me, it didn’t help me crack the code for leads. Sure, I got a client here and there but you couldn’t exactly call that abundance. 

350 hours of conversations with online entrepreneurs, yet still, I lacked the very thing that builds and makes a business sustainable: leads.

Can you understand my pain?

How To Start A Consulting Business Online - Aaron Janx
How To Start A Consulting Business Online - Aaron Janx-david allen

After talking to, what seemed like, half of the online entrepreneurs out there and not seeing much progress in my mission to get online leads flowing, I learned about the power of writing long-form content for lead generation, so I tried writing. I thought that perhaps people like to read content more than listen to podcasts.

But that didn’t seem to be the case.

How To Start A Consulting Business Online - Aaron Janx

I even tried chasing the different social media trends. Still nada.

No likes. No nothing.

This goal that I was after to have a consistent flow of abundant leads online was proving to get more difficult by the day. The vast amounts of information and advice from marketers out there wasn’t making it easier. 

How To Start A Consulting Business Online - Aaron Janx

The Shift

Whew, going back and rehashing my process and how I tried so many things, with so little results, made me exhausted! 

Maybe that’s what you’re feeling right now. Tired and confused. Perhaps you’ve even considered going back to your old job again because everything you’ve tried until now has not really worked for you. 

I urge you to keep reading. Because thankfully, my process didn’t end there.

Getting Attention

In sales, there’s a direct correlation with your ability to generate attention and your lead amounts. If you don’t exist in the mind of the prospect, you have zero chance of doing business with them.

Why is this the case? Well, it’s quite simple: He or she doesn’t even KNOW you exist or that a solution to their problem is out there! 

So as long as you’re not getting attention, you’re not going to have a lot of leads. 

A breakthrough moment for me came, when I began to build a tribe of people that consisted of my target niche. 

I started to get attention. 

I discovered that my sales and marketing background really spoke to consultants and coaches all around the world, many of which were struggling to get clients. So my main goal became to get as many consultants and coaches into my space as possible.

This made a huge difference. I also decided that I would only be connected to and engage with people from my target niche. I made sure that I would talk to them about themselves and not about me. (Hint: this is important!)

Doing this allowed me to get the attention of people I actually could do business with.

Every comment was much more than someone spouting social media gibberish. It was someone becoming aware of my existence, which often led to even having a conversation.

To the ordinary kid on social media, mere comments are nothing more than useless peer bantering. But to a highly trained sales expert these are leads.

If you can get people talking, you’re one step closer to doing business with them. 

224 Leads From One Post.

Things started to turn around and I began to get the hang of how to build a following.

How To Start A Consulting Business Online - Aaron Janx

So how did I take people’s comments and turn them into leads?

I’m glad you asked. So after someone would comment on my posts, I would directly reach out to them to continue the conversation. Intentional and directed conversations are powerful. (No, I don’t mean vomiting my services on people. As a matter of fact, I didn’t talk about me at all UNLESS I saw that I could be of service to someone, which I found out by asking great questions).

Of course, my goal was to book appointments with consultants or coaches that were struggling in sales and marketing. 

Some of them booked calls with me. Some didn’t.

But I made sales. Lots of them. I had finally gotten the hang of using social media in a way to grow my business.

I even started a group for Online Entrepreneurs called, “Straight Up Entrepreneurs.”

Over 17,000 people requested to join.

How To Start A Consulting Business Online - Aaron Janx- facebook group

Things were moving along.  A lot of people paid me to train them on how to sell their services better. I also hired some people.

Comparatively speaking, I made a lot of money.

While I liked what I was doing, it was all very manual and time-consuming.

In fact, there wasn’t much automated about it at all.

You can imagine how labor-intensive that was: I did all the selling while training around 40 people at a time! (40 people in a one-on-one scenario at once is a lot – I don’t recommend  it.)

So at $5,000 per student, the money was coming in but my sanity was going out.

I am no stranger to hard work but I knew that what I was doing wasn’t very scalable.

As a result, I started to learn about Facebook ads and bought a good amount of courses to try and figure it out.  I hired consultants and did everything I could to crack the nut of automating my lead generation.

Selling wasn’t hard for me and I never struggled with it. But getting automated leads was the problem. 

Sure, I could go out and get leads manually. I knew very well how to do that.  But I didn’t want to do that anymore because it was so time-consuming and it didn’t truly allow me to scale my business to the level I wanted to. 


So, I got into Facebook advertising.

At first, I did what everyone else does: I ran traffic to a cheesy infomercial-looking landing page to try and convince people to book a call with us.

Yes, I know. It’s so bad that it is embarrassing to show you. But I had seen others that were much worse, so I thought it wouldn’t be too bad. Surely I would get some traffic by doing this…

I was wrong, however.

I got crickets…

Aaron Janx Consulting
Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 1.05.33 PM

Hybrid Marketing

Seeing that the whole “book a call with us” didn’t go so well, I started experimenting with content marketing.

This is when things started to really click for me. Content was, and IS king!

So I implemented a hybrid approach. Meaning, I advertised content that led to good engagement from potential clients. Then my team and I would follow up with the engagement via personal outreach in order to book appointments.

It worked really well and was quite  inexpensive. But it still cost too much time because we had to directly reach out to people who engaged with the post.

What we really wanted was people booking appointments with us without having to go directly to them.

Isn’t that what we ALL want? 

At this point, (if you’re still reading), you might have figured out that I like to experiment and try different approaches. So I switched to experimenting with running fully automated ads to a highly targeted audience using Facebook Ads lead forms. True, these leads were much more expensive in money but were extraordinarily less expensive in time.

If you take a second to look at the graph above, you’ll see the stats on my ad-spend. Actually, $52 per lead is good when you can present your service well enough for it to make common sense to a prospect.

As long as you have high ticket offers, you can justify spending $1300 because you will still make healthy profit with just one sale. (Notice I said “high-ticket” offer.) 

With this method, I more than solved the problem of automating my online lead generation.

However, I do want to throw this in here, that since then, we’ve found much better (and much less expensive) ways to get leads online. It’s quite amazing, actually. (More on that later).

In addition, it is important to note that it won’t always be the case that your leads will be $50 a pop. It could be more or less,  depending on your niche.

The lead cost is not what’s important. What’s important is if you make money with your ad- spend. We have a high closing ratio, high- ticket offer.  So 25 leads for us means a lot of money based on only $1300 in ads spend.

Your variable might be different depending on your selling skills.

Nevertheless, we arrived to this point and all my problems magically went away…not. (If I could make that claim, I’d be King of the world). 

But, I must say that having a steady lead-flow sure helped diminish many problems!


Remember how I mentioned better and less expensive ways to automate leads?

 Well, I’ve never liked putting all my eggs in one basket. Because the reality is, who knows what could happen to Facebook? Or any social media platform, for that matter. But I wanted to make sure I wasn’t depending on one medium alone, so I moved to do the same thing on other platforms.

I quickly learned, that using LinkedIn for lead strategy and implementing SEO have proven to be GREAT gold mines to getting leads online.

Not only have I unlocked the door for lead flow, I also have successfully learned how to put the proper systems in place in order to be able to do more of other things that I also enjoy doing. (I like to call myself a polymath because I continually learn in many different fields.)

It really is about good infrastructure. You will save yourself years and years of struggle if you get your infrastructure sorted. I promise you. 

Right now, there is a wide open space that MOST consultants and coaches are missing out on. It’s not really their fault because they have not been told about it. Most people don’t even know that this is available to them.

Today, we are exploding with leads and sales. As you can tell by my process I outlined for you, this has not come without many many hours of study, implementation, failure and redirection.

Here are 6 main things I’ve been able to learned over many years of testing. 

  1. How to take the guesswork out of marketing. (Yes, that’s right. Stop the guessing!)
  2. How to automate abundant leads 
  3. How to create stellar marketing that people love
  4. How to automate the workflow
  5. How to create free content that generates leads
  6. How to generate passive income 

What Does This Mean For You?

By now, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself what this means for you and your business. 

Let me ask you this:

What would you be doing right now if your business had a steady influx of new leads every month?

How much money would you be making every month if you had a consistent flow of prospects to talk to every week?

What could you do for your family if money wasn’t an issue right now? 

How many people could you help if you were only able to get in front of the right people?

My process wasn’t an easy one and neither was it quick. But one thing I know and that is that I can save you the blood, sweat and tears I went through to get to where I am today. You can always get more money but you NEVER get back time. And time has a way of escaping us. 

If your greatest problem in your business is getting leads online, let us help you. 

We can evaluate your business goals and take a look at what you’ve tried and what has and hasn’t worked. We’ll then discuss a potential solution for you.

The way we do that is by offering you to get on a free confidential consulting call with us.

It is true, we don’t work with everyone and we take pride in providing the best possible results-focused consulting services out there. This is why we are selective in who we choose to do business with. You too, have the opportunity to decide whether or not to use our services. 

Whatever happens, I guarantee that you will receive tons of value from the call itself. In fact, the call alone could save you multiple hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars.

Well...if you're still reading this, I assume you are interested in setting up a time to talk.

Great choice.

Just follow the prompts below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly! 

The call you’ll partake of has cost me a lot of blood, sweat, money and tears to learn what to do and how to do it to get results for others.

Past consultants that have taken advantage of this free call have called it, “one of the best business calls of my life.” My promise to you is that your time will be spent well.

I am a huge believer in providing value, so while the call is “free” for you, it is absolutely packed full of knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the past 15 years of being in sales and marketing. 

You should get on a call with me or my team because it’ll be fun! The calls are conducted in a way that will make you feel excited about your business and the options presented to you.

We like to keep things light and with AMAZING energy so that by the end of our session together, you’ll be ready to jump into the powerful action steps you’ll have received on the call! 

Yes, you heard me. We won’t spend a lot of time making small-talk.

This call will be about you and your business. Setting up the call only takes a couple of minutes and once we’re on the phone, we will make sure to provide you with tons of insights and value in growing your business.

We Want To Know About You

Don’t worry, it’s nothing too elaborate. We just need to know a few things about your business and what your goals are. The more accurate you can be on these questions, the better we’ll be able to help you on the call.


Once you’ve completed the questionnaire and submitted it, you’re free to take a nap (just kidding... or not) because now you’ll need to wait for us to confirm your time. You’ll receive an email confirming your time within 24 hours.

It’s Time!

At the time of the call, one of our team members will call you and we’ll begin working to figure out exactly what you need and how we can help you reach your business goals. The call usually lasts between 30 - 45 minutes. At this point, we’re going to evaluate to see if working together could be of value to you or not. At the very very least, you’ll receive a TON of value for free. We don’t work with everybody and take what we do very seriously. Ultimately this is for action-takers and people who are fully aware of the great opportunity in front of them. If that is you, make today the day you change the course of your business and life. Click that button below to schedule a time to chat.
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