The biggest obstacle you will face in your sales career is the fear of rejection in a sales encounter. 

Rejection is the number #1 reason keeping people from excelling in sales. They are afraid of the great and mighty “NO”.

Or the,

“Don’t call me back.”

“I’m not interested.” 

“Take me off your list.” 

What Constitutes Rejection?

When did “no” become such a big deal?

Here’s a simple explanation: It may have started when you were a little kid and you got told “no” a lot. This caused you to start to link up “no” with doing something bad. So now every time you hear the word “no”, it triggers a visceral response that produces negative emotions. 

But what constitutes rejection? Who decides what rejection is? Is it a part of your biochemistry? Or did you link up what rejection meant as a child so now as an adult you’re trying to do something, make sales, etc…but you’ve linked up certain things with being rejected, which now is keeping you from success. 

How To View Rejection In A Sales Encounter From Now On

Why don’t you make it harder for you to feel rejected?

Maybe being punched in the face should be the thing that you link up with rejection. So you are not being rejected until somebody punches you in the face. 

You see, rejection is subjective. Change the definition of what rejection means to you and you’ll change the outcome of so many of your sales encounters. 

Here’s a better definition for Rejection: “Rejection is the failure to take personal responsibility of the outcome of an interaction.”

[bctt tweet=”Make it a habit to take full responsibility. Whatever does or doesn’t happen ultimately comes down to you. ” username=”aaronjanx”]

Let’s say somebody hangs up on you while you’re cold calling. Who’s fault is that? Well, you could think that it’s their fault because they didn’t even let you finish your pitch. The problem with this is that you fail to take responsibility of the outcome which will only hurt you. 

Now, let’s say you know this person will hang up on you so you take a different route and stop by his/her business to introduce yourself without pitching anything. As a follow up a few days later, you call them. Do you think that this person will hang up on you now after having introduced yourself in person to them? There is a 99.999% chance that they will not hang up on you.

The point is that rejection needs to become a bat symbol for you to do more. When you’re creative, you can think of ways to get past a “no”. 

But if you fail to take responsibility for it, you will not be creative to find a solution. 

Not taking full responsibility of the outcome is leading you to feeling rejected. 

Instead of feeling rejected ask yourself what you did wrong and then work on correcting it. 

Make It Harder To Feel Rejected

aaron janx sales training

The bottom line is, you need to make it really hard to feel rejected in a sales encounter. 

Change your rule to feeling rejected. Make your new rule that in order to feel rejected, somebody needs to spit or punch you in the face. 😉 

Everything else is a sign that you need to do more and/or try other methods.

Another great way to deal with feeling rejected is to get around people that are doing and building a business similar to yours. Get around people that understand the business.

We work with business owners all over the world and often the biggest key to success for many of them is to surround themselves with people that are ambitiously working towards being better and doing more. Of course we also offer extensive training on topics such as getting and closing leads, building automation into your business and lots’ of mindset topics including overcoming rejection. 

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