Don’t wish things were easier…

“Don’t wish things were easier. Wish you were better.”
This is one of my favorite quotes I heard Jim Rohn say his mentor told him
We often go through life comparing our circumstances with others
Or what we think we are entitled to
But not only do we not actually know other people’s circumstances accurately,  we often don’t even know our own
It’s true
Here’s what I mean:
Have you ever gone through something that you thought was so damn difficult and yet it led to a huge opportunity in your life?
I know I have
Had I not been lost in terms of a direction of what I was going to do for a career in 2015
I would not have gotten online to discover what opportunities abounded
Up until until 2015 I never had more than a  handful of friends online, and I hardly knew how to send an email (facts)
But now I have 50k who follow me
I can’t even imagine how it is that over 16k people made their way into my group, the Janx Tank,  (actually it’s more like 20k but we’ve made some cuts, lol)
I mean, 16,000 is a lot of human beings
And not only that, the group has been featured in Fast Company as one of the best entrepreneur groups to join!
And what’s more, I’ve made a lot of money from serving people in this community which led many people to want to be mentored by me for high-ticket client acquisition
If you sit and think about some of things in your life that you can count yourself fortunate for having, I bet you’ll find a hard time as it’s antecedent
Ya see, storms come
It’s inevitable
But during your storm, since your locked up on account of the downpour, will you invent the umbrella or will you just stay inside and “wait”?
The choice is yours
This is why  it’s said that “when the praises go up, the blessings come down.”
Thanking God for what you DO have, no matter how little, makes you opportunity minded, while wallowing in despair makes you miss the the treasure that lay hidden beneath your stormy sea
Wishing things were easier today?
Try looking around at the opportunities at hand
You might be surprised at the treasures you find within you, and around you