Gone Are The Days

Beat your competition by waking up a little earlier and doing what they are not willing to do. Set aside time daily  to train to become a little bit better. 

If you want to be great at something, you’re going to have to dedicate a certain amount of time to it.  

You probably already know this but perhaps you don’t put it into practice.

Gone are the days of being a one-note-Johnny.

It used to be that someone would go out in the field to work and this was all they did. 

In the agricultural society there was no need to be good at a lot of things, neither was that the case when we were hunters and gatherers. 

Today, we are presented with a new set of challenges. We have to multitask and do a lot of things. The typical person doesn’t work their body that much so most of us have to try and fit our exercise in every day. 

We don’t move that much so we must watch our diets and make sure we’re drinking enough water. 

We have to be up-to-date on how computers work and how to manage social media. 

We have to drive, we need hobbies, we try and be good at interpersonal relationships and many other things that help us be an overall better rounded person. 

We live in a more complicated time than ever before with so many new things to deal with. 

Gone are the days where you were only required to be good at one thing and where your vocation was all you did. You were the shoemaker of the town and your name might of been, “Bob the Shoemaker”. And this was all you did. 

Today it is essential that you train to be great at something because there is so much going on. 

Do you know how much time you spend eating? 

When I was eighteen years-old I funded my own way to a Zig Ziglar seminar where I had the privilege of having lunch with him. At this particular seminar, Zig encouraged the audience to write down everything they did as they’d change activities. 

So, let’s say you wake up at 4:30am, 4:35 brush teeth, etc. 

I did this for a period of about a year and became acutely aware of how I spent my time. I highly suggest you do this for a period of time.

You will realize quickly how complicated and perhaps ‘interrupted’ life is even if you consider yourself to be a simple person.

Today it’s easier to be alive but it’s more complicated to be. If you are going to be great at anything that is important to you, you’ll have to commit to it and set aside time daily in order to train for it. Click To Tweet

In the agricultural society it was easier to be good at something. You were an apprentice to your father and if he was a shoemaker, you’d be a shoemaker and your kids would most likely be shoemakers as well. You were the shoemaker family. This is how people got their surnames. 

If you are going to be great at something like selling, you are going to have to be committed to training and spending time doing it because otherwise there are too many things that are going to fill up your time. 

Selling is not a normal biological function. It’s something that we need to adapt to in this highly competitive, capitalistic society in order to do well and in order to be in control of our income. 

You will realize if you follow through on writing down your different activities every day that there are many facets to your life and you need to block out time every day if you truly want to become great at the things that you deem important to you.  

There are only a handful of highly important things in life and your career is one of them.

We are no longer living in the 80s or 90s. We are in the 21st century. 

Beat your competition by waking up a little earlier and doing what they are not willing to do. Set aside time daily  to train to become a little bit better. 

That little bit of “extra” will make you extraordinary in today’s society. 

Aaron Janx

Aaron Janx

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Aaron “Janx” Ernst is a third generation sales trainer. He began his successful sales career at only 18 and has started multiple businesses since then. He’s multifaceted and considers himself a “Polymath”, (a learner in many fields). His main mission and objective in life is to lift people out of average and into achieving their full potential.

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