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Aaron Janx

Aaron Janx

Aaron Janx uses a synthesis of cutting edge sales strategies, content marketing and social media attraction to grow your revenue.

People don’t want to be sold to – they want to be served. 

Selling is something you do for people and not to them. When this is communicated to your prospects, they will want to partake of your sales process.

One of the ways that you can do this is to have a sales process that is enjoyable for your prospect and that offers them some inherent value. 

When you are prospecting, they need to see a reason to engage with you. They need to get something out of it. This doesn’t mean you need to give them a free t-shirt or a beach ball or anything like that. (Although if you’re giving away cool t-shirts, like Hugo Boss, well, go for it).

You need something inherently valuable in your sales process that people will want to participate in. 

There are a couple of ways you can do this. The first one is called an ‘ethical bribe’. There are obviously unethical bribes out there like bribing government officials, etc, but that’ not what I’m talking about here.  

The timeshare industry, for example. People are bribed by getting free Disney tickets or free cruise tickets to go on a timeshare tour. “Get these tickets at a deeply discounted price and go on a time-share tour.” 

My dad owns a mini-vacation company where they sell mini vacations. These are legitimate places that people get to stay at for 3-4 days. They are invited to come down to Orlando and stay at a beautiful resort and get Disney tickets all for a fairly low price. But in order to get these low prices they have to go on a timeshare tour. 

Guests are taken through a sales funnel with the knowledge that these people are already interested in vacationing. The goal is for them to buy some points, a unit, or whatever the offer is. 

Now, if you are doing consulting, you need to build something into your process that adds inherent value to the prospect. 

In the coaching/consulting industries, they give you a free strategy session. Their pitch is that, “even if you don’t buy anything from us, this will one of be the most valuable calls you’ve most likely ever had.” 

You advertise your sales process to the prospect. It is a valuable process and while they know that there is a sale in there, they are willing to sit through the presentation because the presentation itself provides so much value. 

Webinar hosts do this all the time in various different ways. 

Take a look at your sales process. Is it offering some inherent value to the prospect? Is it something that you are not ashamed of promoting? 

You need to be happy to invite people to your process because you are giving them a lot of value. 

I’ve been on many strategy sessions and can’t believe how many people never even googled me. It’s surprising how little people research but they get on a strategy session because they see the inherent value of the call itself. 

You need to be aware of where your prospect is at in the buying cycle. Are they willing to buy already and all they need is the price? Or are they trying to get the value out of the engagement with you? What are they there for? 

Feel that out. Ask the prospect why they are speaking with you today. You’re not trying to match their personalities or manipulate them. You’re trying to figure out WHY they are talking to you. 

I operate by a fundamental axiom that people will tell you what they need to be told in order to be sold. So let the prospect speak. Click To Tweet

The bottom line is, be proud of your sales process. Make sure it is something that you are excited and happy to advertise. 

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