How To Be Better Than Your Version Of Perfect

You don’t want to aim for perfection. You want to top perfection by being a little more, doing a little better and acting a little more in accordance to your full potential today. 

You could be more than you currently are. 

You probably could probably be MUCH more than you currently are. 

Sometimes I hear the phrase, “You are okay just as you are”, and I do not agree with that because it presupposes that you have already reached your potential. The reality is that you are probably living below 40% of your full potential. So telling you that you are okay just as you are is robbing you of a more fulfilling and joyful life. Because moving towards your potential increases positive emotions and gives meaning to life. 

Why settle with being okay just as you are if you can be better?

You will never hear me say that you are good right where you are. I would be doing you a disfavor by telling you that.

But why do a lot of people give up on becoming the best they can be? Why does it seem to be a struggle? 

A lot of times I hear people say that they put things off because they have a tendency towards perfectionism. Or they react negatively towards constructive criticism because they don’t like to be wrong. After all, they should already be perfect. They keep themselves in a negative state because they continuously compare themselves with somebody else’s standards.

You are not perfect. Nobody is. The only thing that seeking perfection does, is create drama. It also causes you to carry an unnecessary burden. What would happen if you readily admitted today that you will mess things up, say the wrong things and not be 100% accurate in your work? 

Perfection should never be the goal. Stop tyrannizing yourself by beating yourself up for not hitting perfect standards. 

Instead, aim to top perfection. 

I know this might sound contradictory but topping perfection has nothing to do with being perfect. It has to do with putting yourself out there, right on the edge of chaos. It has to do with pushing yourself a little farther today than you were yesterday. 

Topping perfection has nothing to do with not messing up. It has everything to do with progress. Perfection never allows you to win and will torture you, keeping you beat in a negative state. 

The only person that you are competing with is yourself. Your race is against yourself. We all have different assets and liabilities due to our environments, circumstances and even how we were brought up. 

The race against you is the only fair race there is. 

When you seek progress, you are setting yourself up for a win.

Here are two things you can do today in order to make progress towards your potential:

  1. Set yourself valued goals and establish a micro process that will help you move towards those valued goals. Specify your long term ideal and also state clearly what you want to stay away from. You will begin to feel positive emotions when you see yourself slowly moving towards your goal. Make your goals specific so you know what you’re aiming for. Increase positive reinforcement by setting your schedule in a way that you start with small things. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Imagine what type of schedule you would make for someone you love and implement that for yourself.
  2. Organize your environment. Clinical Psychologist, Dr Jordan Peterson, often uses the phrase, “Clean up your own room”, emphasizing the importance of making your environment a place of growth and not an obstacle towards moving forwards. Progress means moving from point A to B and if your room, your house and your environment facilitate that, you will be a lot happier and progress will come easier. Next time you have the urge to quit everything because you can’t meet the standards of perfection, remember that there’s something better than perfection and that is pushing yourself a little closer to the edge than you were yesterday. Click To Tweet

    You don’t want to aim for perfection. You want to top perfection by being a little more, doing a little better and acting a little more in accordance to your full potential today. 

Aaron Janx

Aaron Janx

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Aaron “Janx” Ernst is a third generation sales trainer. He began his successful sales career at only 18 and has started multiple businesses since then. He’s multifaceted and considers himself a “Polymath”, (a learner in many fields). His main mission and objective in life is to lift people out of average and into achieving their full potential.

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