How To Get More Google Reviews For Your Local Business

“206 five star reviews. Wow! This must be a great place!”

“Oh, they only have 18 3.4 star reviews. We better keep looking.”

I’m sure you’ve said either of those sentences before when researching a vacation spot, or maybe when trying to find the best place to go out to eat on a Friday night.

It’s not a new thing to rely on word-of-mouth or emphasize the opinions and experiences other people have had when making buying decisions.

But more so now than ever, we live in a time of marketing and service in which brands are defined by those who use and experience it. This means that your reviews, or lack thereof, will GREATLY impact the profitability and success of your company.

I think it is safe to say that the very FIRST thing you must focus on when starting a new business is to get positive reviews.

Your business will be built on a great reputation. Even going on to run a powerful Facebook ads campaign will heavily depend on the amount of reviews that you have already gathered from happy customers.

If you are currently not getting or asking your customers and clients relentlessly to leave you positive reviews, you are doing yourself and your business a lot of harm.

Because most people are willing to leave a positive review when asked but don’t often think of it on their own.

Why are Google reviews so important?

Google accounts for more than 90% of all search traffic on the web. That’s pretty crazy if you think about it.

While getting reviews for your company on platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, Houzz and others, is great – Google is the first impression most people will get from your company.

Unlike years ago, most consumers searching for a product or service will now revert to Google to search for the best possible options. Needless to say, the companies that show up first are the ones that get seen the most. However, showing up first in a Google search does not guarantee a new customer or client. According to a survey, 90% of consumers claim that positive reviews affect their purchasing decision. A whopping 86% stated that negative reviews also influenced their decision.

The biggest thing that will set up apart and above your competition is great feedback from your customers. It is CRUCIAL to a thriving and healthy company.

Think about it – how do you know what product or service is good unless you can read other people’s experience with said company?

Let’s take Amazon, for example. When was the last time you purchased anything off of Amazon before first reading the customer reviews and feedback on the product?
Most of us check reviews and research thoroughly before making a buying decision – this is even more so applicable when talking about higher priced items.

Having happy customers and lots of positive reviews is one of the quickest ways to increase business and ensure positive social proof.

We already know that the cost of a negative review is huge. It takes about 10 to 12 positive reviews to make up for one negative one. What’s more, is that its human nature to want to search out what is negative and broadcast that. This means that while you are probably doing a fantastic job servicing your customer and clients, most of them are forgetting to leave a positive review. Or perhaps it didn’t even cross their minds to do that for you because you didn’t ask for a review.
This is however not the case when a customer has had a bad experience. This experience is easily and quickly announced to the world and causes businesses a lot of harm.

This is why it is essential for every business to have a system in place that allows and prompts happy customers to leave a review and a way to keep negative reviews from ever hitting the web, by asking for feedback from this dissatisfied consumer.

How To Start Getting Google Reviews Today

One Pest Management company owner recently started using a powerful tool that helps with increasing verified and authentic reviews across all platforms, such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, and more… Within the first month or two, his company received 20-25 phone calls through Yelp alone. They knew this because every time they got a call, they’d ask new customers where they had heard about them. Every time these new customers said that they called them because of the great reviews on Yelp. In just a couple of months, their business grew leaps and bounds!
According to him, the investment easily paid for itself at least twice within the first ninety days.

Another example is a local chiropractor who recently got on board with the same tool and within 3 days had gone from 37 reviews to 60 on Google and an equally amazing increase on Yelp and Facebook!

There truly is nothing that will increase the bottom line of your company more than a great online reputation. With consumers going to Google and other search engines online for most of their research these days, this is the single most important thing to do ESPECIALLY if you are a new business owner.

I cannot stress this enough: Neglecting to focus on building up a positive online reputation is hurting businesses more than they know.

The great news is that we can help you with this. We have an incredible way to help you get great, authentic reviews from happy customers starting immediately. Your competitors are doing it. If you don’t, your potential customers or clients will be calling your competitors when they need your product or service…not you.

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