How To Grow Your Dental Practice With Facebook Ads

In 2013 there were around 195,202 practicing dentists in the United States alone. This means there are about 61 dentists for every 100,000 people.

Every year, thousands of new dentists enter into the work field, either opening their own practice or partnering with an established professional. 

There is one thing that every dentist needs and that will determine the success of a dental practice and that is getting a stable flow of patients.

These days, the traditional methods of advertising are worn out and ignored, for the most part. It’s not that methods, such as mailing letters, networking or advertising on the back of receipts should be completely ignored but there are much, much better ways to go about getting new patients today.

So what are the best and quickest way to grow a new or existing dental practice?

The answer is Facebook Advertising.

Why choose Facebook Advertising for Dentists?

Facebook has not been around very long. But there is a reason so many businesses are flocking to this platform to grow their business:
It has over 2 billion users and the average person spends 35 minutes on Facebook every day.

The possibilities and options in using this platform are HUGE if you are a business owner.

In addition to the millions of users that visit this platform daily, there are some amazing features available to help you get in front of the right people who need what you have to offer.

Some people say that going to the dentist is not seen as pleasurable for people and therefore Facebook is not an effective place to market their services.

However, it’s all about HOW you position your ads. All advertising on Facebook is known as “interruption marketing”. This is because people do not visit Facebook to be marketed to. They go on there to catch up on the latest friend updates and pictures so being aware of this in your advertising makes all the difference.

Here are 3 key benefits of advertising on Facebook as a Dentist:

1.It's pretty cost-effective:

Running Facebook ads is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. When done right, the possibilities are endless and so much greater than spending money on advertisements, like on the back of grocery store receipts (that only a small group of people pay attention to).

You could get 100 new leads in under 48 hours with proper targeting and minimal ad-spend. You see where this is going, right?

2. It's very trackable:

Facebook has an incredible amount of data on people, such as age (for Dentists, focusing on families with young children is a great example), gender demographics, as well as location ( which means you are able to only target people living in close proximity to your office).

There is also a way to track people’s behavior, such as purchase history, job roles, media usage and other interests, such as pages they like, events they go to, and a ton more.
There is even an option to track income demographics, which is super helpful because there is no use in targeting people that are not able to afford your services.

3. The ability to re-target:

Facebook has a great way to retarget potential customers that may have clicked on a specific ad but did not take action on it, as well as other retargeting features.

If you have an existing email list of patients, you can use this list to create a lookalike audience as well and target similar people that have already shown interest in dental services.

Here’s what a great funnel  for your dental practice could look like:
1. Your Facebook ad
2. The opt-in page (also known as a landing page)
3. A thank-you page
4. A retargeting Ad

(Don’t underestimate the power of great photos for your ads. The better and more clear your pictures are, the more welcoming and professional you will come across to a potential patient.)

How to structure your ad campaign for best results

The Targeting

Set up the targeting so it shows the ad to the right people!

 The good thing is, we can get really specific with this, showing our ads only to people that live in proximity to our office.

We can go so far as to show our ads to people in a certain support group, or people that suffer from certain ailments that could really use our service.

The Ad

Having the right ad and offer is super important. Give a great offer, such a teeth cleaning for free or for a small price of $21. You might think, “wow, that’s cheap”, but your goal here is to get patients in the door. Once they come through your doors, you’ll have a large probability that they’ll keep coming back. The offer must be very compelling and super hard to resist. I mean, who can resist cleaning that costs only $21? Hardly anyone. The good thing is, once they are in, you’ll be likely to keep them coming back.

The ad must also have a little description of the doctor and a call to action. Always have a call to action!
Ideally, it’s best to use real photos of the doctor and staff, as opposed to using stock photography.
Having a real picture of the doctor on the ad will provide a sense of connection to potential patients even before they meet you. The pictures you use don’t need to be fancy or special. The goal is to get your face out there.

The Landing Page

Once they click the Call to Action button, they will get directed to a beautifully designed landing page. This page can be really simple, with a few testimonials, a map and a repeat of the same offer that was on the initial ad.
When they click the button on that page, they will enter their name and email and then they will be directed to the “Thank You” page.
You will be able to follow up with people that have entered their names and emails. Another benefit of this is that you will be collecting emails for future marketing campaigns.

The Thank You Page:

The most effective thing you can do on a landing page is to bring the Call to Action home. This is also a great place to give a one time offer to a patient that prompts them to immediately take action on a great deal (like calling your office to receive a deal that is only available immediately, etc).

Don’t use a Thank You page only to say thank you. (Little tip ;))

The Retargeting

Now, while a lot of people will immediately take you up on your offer and book their time, some of them won’t opt-in on the original landing page. They might click the call to action button then drop off, or they only read the ad but don’t click it.
So what happens to those people?

With Facebook advertising, there is a cool feature called, “Retargeting”. So this gives us the possibility to show an ad to everyone who clicked on the ad but didn’t opt-in.
On this retargeting ad, you will give them another call to action and also use a different image. This is important so that people don’t get “ad fatigue”.
You’ve probably heard about the follow-up rule in sales. Most sales are made after the sixth or seventh follow up. This is where retargeting comes in!

This particular campaign alone has gotten Dentists 100 new leads in under 48 hours!

In Summary...

If you’re a practicing dentist and you’re not running Facebook ads, you’re missing out on a lot of patients…and leaving a lot of money on the table.
The above example is one you can follow and use – it’s worked really well for many, many dentists.
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