What Is The Best Way To Start A Career In Sales?

I started my career in sales about 15 years ago. I guess it’s been a little while.

Lots of things have changed in the way that people do business today.

However, the principles of selling and closing deals has remained the same.

So what is the best way to start a career in sales today?

Here are a few factors to consider to help you start a career in sales:

  1. Decide on what product or services you’re going to sell. Make sure you believe in the product.
  2. Train every single day
  3. Commit to not quitting until you’ve gotten good at sales
  4. Take massive action
  5. Follow through on your numbers every day
  6. Be prepared for setbacks
  7. Be patient yet act with urgency

The good thing about getting started in a sales career is that you don’t need to have any type of degree to be great at it.

It depends GREATLY on your commitment level and grit to stick with it until you see consistent satisfactory results. Find out if sales is a good career for you here.

what is the best way to start a career in sales

6 Important Factors To Keep In Mind When Starting A Career In Sales

1. Decide on what product or service to sell.

It’s very important that you truly believe in the product or service that you want to sell. 

For example, if you decide that you will start selling Toyotas, maybe you need to drive a Toyota so you can truly speak from experience and be authentic at the same time. 

Or if you choose to work for a company that sells advertising, make sure that you are certain that you can ethically go along with the company’s principles and values. 

It’s best if you can even get a little (or very) excited about what you are selling. Because if you are excited, selling comes naturally! 

Think of the times when you buy a new gadget, or find a new hobby. It’s hard to stop talking about it, isn’t it? And don’t you naturally try and convince people to try the new things you are so excited about? Probably so.

That’s what selling is.

So the best way to start out in a sales career is to find something to sell that you are already excited about.

Once you’ve found what it is, you can go about setting up an interview with the sales manager of the company. Know that most companies are always looking for good salespeople and if you’re just starting out, you might need to put more effort into the interview process to ensure you get hired.

Very often, if you can show your commitment to doing whatever it takes you stand a good chance to getting hired. Your attitude will determine a lot of your success in sales, even from the very first interview.

2. Train Every Single Day

Once you’ve established the product you want to sell and you’ve set up some interviews, take initiative and start to train.

The fastest way to getting started in a sales career and crushing it is training every day. Most people underestimate the power of consistent training.

Do you know of any professional athletes that have gotten to the level they are at that haven’t trained every day for years?

You might not be good at sales right away, however, if you are committed to mastering your new career in sales, you have the potential to become a GOAT. (Greatest Of All Time)

But in order to become great, you must train. And training is not sexy. It’s not something anybody loves to do.

However, it will make you or break you.

Learn what it takes to prospect, build rapport, follow up, close a sale and handle objections. (Get my full course on lead generation and sales here.)

3. Don't Quit Until You've Reached Mastery

You’re reading this because you want to know the best way to get started in a sales career.

So if you want to get started in sales, decide that you’re not going to quit BEFORE you even get started.

Most people don’t ever give themselves a chance to become great at something.

They start out and try for a little while and if they don’t see the results they think they should be seeing, they give up.

Sales is not always easy. It requires you to grow tough skin and keep going when most people tell you that they don’t want or need your product.

But there are few careers that are as rewarding, emotionally and financially, as a career in sales.

So if you are going to start, make sure you commit to follow through and not quit halfway in.

Another reason you don’t want to quit is because quitting can become a habit in all areas of life. If you quit in one area, you’re likely to quit in your next endeavor as well.

Stick with it. You’ll reap great rewards if you do.

4. Take Massive Action

After deciding on the product that you want to sell and getting a sales training routine on your schedule, it’s time to take massive action.

This means doing more than your co-worker is doing. Maybe this means getting up earlier and leaving work a little later than others for a period of time. 

This could mean that for a season you come in on Saturdays to make sales calls. I don’t know what it looks like for you.

Tony Robbins once quoted, “The path to lasting success is to take massive, consistent and relentless action.”

Massive, consistent and relentless action is where it’s at. 

If you take action in such a way, you’ll be successful in sales pretty early down the road.

You see, sales is not really complicated.

But it takes somebody who just does the work. And surprisingly, a lot of people are not willing to just do it.

5. Reach Your Daily Numbers

Sales is a numbers game. This is truer when you’re just starting out than ever.

If you want to make sales and achieve success, you’ll need to commit to prospecting every day. The best way to ensure that you get the proper amount of appointments is to set yourself a number that is higher than expected of you.

For example, if your daily call number is 80 people, commit to calling 120 people every day.

But more importantly, whatever number you set for yourself, follow through on these numbers. It can be easy to slack off and do a little less here or there.

The best way to reach your daily numbers is to have a tight schedule where your focus is only prospecting and getting to those numbers. I suggest you make this part of the day your most important block of the day. Because in sales, you’ve got to have leads to last. IF you slack off on prospecting soon you won’t have anybody to sell to.

Whatever happens, reach your daily quota.

6. Be Prepared For Setbacks.

I know that nobody wants to talk or hear about setbacks.

However, if you are prepared for them, you’ll be less likely to get discouraged when they happen.

Because they will happen.

As you’re getting started in a sales career, understand that the faster you can move through failure and setbacks, the sooner you’ll get to a sale. 

So my advice is to fail quickly and move on. 

Don’t get hung up on the things you should’ve or could’ve done. Just learn from your mistakes and get back to prospecting.

I assure you, this is the quickest way to move forward in sales.

6. Be Patient Yet Act With Urgency

Be patient with yourself when you don’t make sales, yet be urgent about reaching your numbers every day.

You won’t succeed overnight (well, maybe you will) but you can definitely make a good living in your career as a salesperson if you embrace patience but act with urgency every day.

They key is to be consistent in your numbers.

The good thing with sales is that you have no limit as to how much money you can make, if you commit to mastering sales.

Related Question

How Do I Get A Sales Job If I Have No Experience?

Here are several ways to help you get started in a sales job even if you don’t have any prior experience in sales.

  1. Have a teachable attitude. (This one is huge!). If you are humble and open to learn, your chances of being hired increase immensely. Most sales managers and owners would prefer working with teachable people than with people who have skills but are “know it alls”.
  2. Show your eagerness to learn. Similar to the first point. Be eager to get started and learn. Express your interest and excitement.
  3. Make eye contact and present yourself well. Dress appropriately, (suit and tie will do the job) and look people in the eye when you talk. Be confident and approachable.
  4. Do your research. Know the company and who you’re talking to. This one is super important. Don’t go into a job interview clueless as to what your company is all about and what they do. Learn the important facts and show interest in their services.
  5. Ask some great questions. Prepare a few good questions to ask the interviewer. This indicates a genuine interest in working for them and displays a level of commitment.
  6. Assure them of your commitment and close your first deal. Your sales interview is your first chance to close a sale. You are selling yourself so show up committed to closing the deal. Be confident in your ability to put in the work to become successful. 
  7. Another more unconventional way is to volunteer to shadow a salesperson for a couple weeks. While unpaid, it might really give you a kickstart to your sales career. Get creative as to how you could get your foot in the door to get the ball rolling faster.

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