How To Start A Facebook Ads Agency In 6 Steps

If you’ve been thinking about starting a Facebook Ads Agency, I have good news for you:

It doesn’t have to take a long time and you don’t need any extra money to start an online advertising agency. All it takes is the ability to successfully set up your client’s Facebook advertising campaigns to increase their traffic and clientele, and paying precise attention to the data and numbers. 

What does an ads agency do, exactly?

A Facebook Ads Agency essentially manages Facebook advertising campaigns for its clients.

We are living in a digital age. There has never been a better time to start a business online. One of the best lifestyle businesses you can create out of nothing is a Facebook advertising agency. This is especially a good option for people that would like to quit their jobs but don’t necessarily know exact what type of business to start. 

The opportunities are endless because while you might start with Facebook ads, you have the possibility to expand into other social media platforms as well, helping businesses around the world get more customers and clients.

Knowing how to run Facebook ads also allows you to get clients for your own business –  should you decide you want to break into consulting or coaching at some point. 

How do you start a Facebook Ads Agency?

The most important step in starting and ads agency is actually just to do it. The most successful people in any business are the ones that get started BEFORE they feel like they are ready or know everything.

Here are the six main simple steps to get started running your own agency today:

1. Get good at running your own ads

This is really a given. I mean, if you are looking to start an ads agency and you have no clue how to create an ad, you’ll need to take a few weeks to learn how to do it and get some results on your own before selling your services.

Take a course if you need to, study ads, test your knowledge and gain some experience on people in your network. Get familiar with the process, learn all about what works, what doesn’t work etc.

The biggest thing to remember is that you don’t need to know EVERYTHING and be an expert at all things Facebook ads.

In fact, you only need to know a little more than your clients. Above all, you want to have the confidence that you can create results for people to bring them more leads and clients. 

2. Get clear on your niche and establish your price points

When you’re starting an ad agency, I recommend starting with “real” businesses. By “real”, I mean businesses that offer services that people always need.

Some examples are dentists, lawyers, chiropractors, gyms, etc.

You see, these are services that people are looking for anyway. This makes running ads a lot easier.  On the other hand, working with clients that offer consulting or coaching services will be a tougher market.
When it comes to price points, it’s a good idea to charge a one-time set-up fee and an additional retainer fee that is automatically deducted from their card every month.

You can then decide if the contract is month to month and they can cancel anytime, or if you have package deals that end at specific dates.

3. Start to get clients - (how to get your first client)

So you’ve learned how to run effective ads, you’ve tested your knowledge on a couple of free clients and have decided on your price points and niche.

It is now time to start getting clients!
If you have not offered your services for free in order to test your knowledge, do that now.

One way to get test-clients quickly is to go into Facebook groups and offer your expertise for free to a couple of people.

Don’t require them to pay you, just have them pay for the ad spend. This not only will give you experience, you’ll be able to get some testimonials.

In many cases, somebody that has been working with you for no cost will gladly start paying for your services when they see the great results you are getting them.

Since you are somebody running ads, one of the best ways to get clients yourself is to run Facebook ads to potential clients.

Of course, this makes sense, right? You are after all starting a Facebook ads agency. You should model what you will be teaching your clients to do.

Alternatively, you can use social media to get more clients. As mentioned above, go into Facebook groups and answer questions, add value and find ways to start conversations with people to help them with their ads.

Cold calling is another option, however, I don’t necessarily recommend it, as you should be able to implement the same ads strategy for yourself as for getting clients.

4. Get good at selling

It’s important that you learn the skills to sell your services.

A lot of digital agency owners are great at running ads but are not very good at sales. Your business is dependent upon sales.

In order to be in business, you need to be making consistent sales.
The good news is, anybody can get good at sales. If you feel like you are an introvert and talking to people seems unnatural and awkward to you – no worries.

You can become good at sales. Check out this article to help you with your selling skills. 

5. Develop testimonials

One of the best ways to get more clients and establish yourself as an expert is to get a bunch of testimonials from former clients.

This builds social proof and will also establish a lot of trust with potential clients. Testimonials sell by themselves.

You can say a lot of things that will help sell your services but nothing speaks as loudly as a powerful testimonial.

When you’re starting out, you can offer up your ads service for a couple of weeks in exchange for a testimonial about your work.

6. Scale

Once you have a couple of clients, you can begin to duplicate your system and start to increase the number of clients you’re working with.

In most cases, a single client won’t take up too much time every week, so you could probably easily take on up to 10 clients on your own.

Additionally, if you want to build a large agency and hire employees to work with you in your agency, you can do that as well.

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Related Questions

1. How much should you charge for Facebook ads?

As with everything else, it kind of depends on what route you want to take. I recommend you charge about $1500/month retainer fee with an additional set up fee to initially get it all set up and started. You can then decide if you want to operate by a month to month option or have a contract in place for a 6-month or 12-month option.