Sales: How To Love It

I speak to a lot of entrepreneurs and there are a couple of main problems that I tend to hear about the most. The first problem is selling.

Most entrepreneurs are lousy at converting sales. They aren’t good at it and they don’t know the skills. Therefore, they are scared, timid and are odd in their disposition.

They are not good at it because they don’t do it. And they don’t do it because they are not good at it. If you want to get good at sales, check out my discounted course on everything you need to know about mastering a sales call.

How To Start To Love Sales

Not being good at something and not liking it go together. They don’t like it and they’re not good at it so they don’t do it. 

I’m sure you may have personally experienced not liking exercise. But then after sticking with it for a while you begin to love it.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the runners high, or how some people say that they get anxiety if they don’t work out. This happens because they’re having a depletion of the dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin that are released into the blood stream when they exercise. 

They are literally having withdrawals when they don’t go to the gym.

The same thing can happen with sales. It has actually been verified that we release a lot of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine just after hearing a motivational speech. 

This was documented by a biologist who was interested in the effects of motivation. He got the agreement of several audience members at a Zig Ziglar speech. These people agreed to give him their blood before and after a presentation. He did this in order to check their blood levels for a change.

What they found was remarkable. There was a huge increase of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine etc., after the talk. (Something along the lines of a hundred-fold increase!)

This is why you find yourself motivated and uplifted after a good church service. Or after hearing a presentation or  listening to an uplifting Youtube video at home.

It is the same with exercise, sales calls or even prospecting. 

When I go on a sales call I go in a mode of persuasion. It happens automatically because I’ve been doing it for fifteen years. I’ve formed a habit. This habit has created a neurological pathway – something akin to a trail that forms from continual use.

This is detrimental when you have a bad habit and why it’s important to replace one bad habit with another good one. 

What does all this mean if you are afraid of sales?

It means that you can learn to become addicted to the sales process the same way people become addicted to exercise that they hated before.

You’re like a wet machine and you can program yourself to do whatever you need to do. If you continue on, you will create a habit. But you have to get to that breakthrough point. 

Once you pass the threshold, the thing that once was laborious to you will become glorious to you.

Repetition is the mother of learning and the father of ingenuity and genius. 

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