Is Social Media Hurting You?

Aaron Janx

Aaron Janx

Aaron Janx uses a synthesis of cutting edge sales strategies, content marketing and social media attraction to grow your revenue.

Social media is bad – no it’s terrible – for your mental health.

I said it.

When you are constantly in “consumers- mode” on social media, you are harming yourself.

We have abundance evidence that the amount of time spent on social media directly correlates to your mental health, causing low self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

I believe we are soon going to be entering into a time where we equate social media, (not all forms), to be unhealthy similar to the way we equate smoking to be unhealthy. 

Perhaps over the next several years we will begin to see government warnings on the footers of social media just like we see on cigarettes.

Now, not all social media platforms have the same amount of negative consequences, although these mediums tend to bring out the worst in us because we somehow think that there are no negative consequences to saying something ugly to someone else.

Social media might just be the new smoking. 


Does this mean we need to quit social media completely? 


It’s safe to say you shouldn’t smoke at all. Social media, however, can be used in some good & beneficial ways, including putting out content, keeping in touch with people, etc. 

A big problem lies in the fact that a lot of people (especially the younger crowd) hardly ever unplug. In addition to this, there are privacy issues to this argument as well. 

Facebook, for example, is very complicit in stealing your privacy. They know when you walk somehwere, how you shop and what your political leanings are.

During the recent 2018 midterm elections, Facebook sent out reminders to “Go Vote”. These reminders did not show up in everybody’s newsfeeds but it affected voter turn-out by 1%. 

In these hotly contested races, 1% can make the difference between someone being elected into office and someone not making it. 

So the question to ask is, “Can Facebook legally tamper with elections and is nobody saying anything about it?” 

We all know that Big-Tech is heavily left -leaning.
Isn’t it concerning that Google, or Facebook have the power to tip these things?

What if they only show it to candidates that meet their political agenda?

That is messing with democracy.

We need to have congress look into this to ensure purity of our system.

Social media is having negative and positive consequences and we need to be aware of these things. 


What does that mean for us? 

I believe we need to let our voices be heard, hold Facebook accountable and we need to make sure we are using social media in a beneficial way that doesn’t hurt us in the long run.

Most of what social media is, is just not real. We could actually create a new hashtag saying, #socialmediaisthenewsmoking. Click To Tweet

As individuals and business owners we need to watch the way we are using this tool. Perhaps implementing a 80/20 rule could be helpful to you. 80% of the time you are curating content to add value to people, while you spend only 20% of the time consuming it.

Be a creator, not a consumer. Mostly what social media does is to give you a false sense of reality and you start to compare yourself to other people’s edited shots and posts that in many cases are not in accordance with reality. Don’t compare yourself to a fantasy.

Be watchful of how you use Social Media. It’s a blessing but it can also be a curse.

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