Aaron “Janx” Ernst, sales trainer and Founder of Client Flow Hero has, in some way, shape or form, been in sales for almost two decades. (He’s only 35 years old, so you can do the math).

It’s not that he’s not just been “in sales” for almost 20 years, he’s earned great and mighty awards for his work in sales. Awards that began pouring in at only 18 years old.

Immediately after graduating high school, he entered the world of sales. At first, as an errand boy at a fortune 500 company where his mom worked at the time. Not too long after, he shook off the “errand boy” label, climbed the company ladder, and became the youngest executive manager in the history of the company. And yes, he started winning those awards and hitting records within his first year.

You might call him an “au-naturale”.

But some of that “natural sales ability” could be attributed to his early exposure to sales, making him somewhat of an “outlier”. (Don’t know what that means? Check out Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers). 

His grandfather, a successful businessman, invented the way Timeshare is currently sold across the country. And ever since he was just a small human, both of his parents were heavily involved in sales.

So in no time, at 18, Aaron became the rising star, famous for his instinctual ability to sell. (He’d regularly sell people that were considered “bad prospects”) .

Since then, he’s been involved in training other businesses, executives and entrepreneurs, helping them increase their sales and grow their revenue.

Over the years, Aaron’s branched out into real estate investing, consulting and coaching, starting multiple businesses. In 2015, Aaron moved most of his training online, and has since then worked with thousands of coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Amongst the numerous phrases he’s invented over the years, conversational selling is the term he uses frequently when talking about his way of holding sales calls. It’s a more modern approach to selling that takes the awkward out of sales. You know what I’m talking about.

Although sales is one of Aaron’s great strengths, it is just a small fraction of what makes up his life.

He is an ongoing learner, aka, a Polymath. His interests and fields of study are expansive, including philosophy, religion, psychology, human behavior, politics, art, music and human performance.

He’ll always be one to push and encourage you to do and be more. To achieve your full potential and be iconic.

When not studying, consulting or training, Aaron is likely to be found discovering new ideas, enjoying time with his kids, or savoring a cup of high-quality coffee. You might even see him put out music, videos and other cool stuff from time to time because he can’t help himself.

After living most of his adult life in Florida, Aaron felt the city of his birth calling him back, which is Atlanta, Georgia. This is where he currently resides.

Aaron “Janx” Ernst was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lived in Savannah, Georgia with his mom as a single child until he was fourteen. When he was fourteen he moved to Orlando, Florida where he would reside for about fifteen years.
As a little kid, Aaron spent a lot of time by himself, thinking and being in his own head. He didn’t have any siblings so he would pass the time listening to music and thinking, entertaining himself with complex thoughts. 

His family was heavily involved in sales, so it was not an exception for Aaron to hear about deals that had been closed that day over the dinner table or at family gatherings. 

Given his family’s involvement in sales, it’s not surprising that Aaron got a job as an errand boy for a fortune 500 company at 18. It didn’t take him long to start to climb the company ladder, winning awards and becoming the companies youngest executive to this day. 

His natural ability to interact with people and to sell was evident and he became successful early on in life.

At 20 years old, Aaron started to study religion and philosophy and he spent four years working on a degree in Theology and Leadership. He spent many hours studying and reading each day and engrossed himself completely in this reading over 1,000 books. During this period Aaron gave many public lectures.

In his early to mid twenties, Aaron got involved with Real Estate and was successful until the recession hit in 2008, leaving him to have to reach back to what he knew how to do best, which was to sell.

Aaron has always been very innovative and creative in his ideas. During the recession when the economic situation was rough, he reverted back to his roots and what he knew he was good at which was sales. At this time, he designed and published a luxury magazine which he sold for a couple of years

During this period, he began hosting a podcast where he interviewed hundreds of popular online figures. His goal was to discover the tips and tricks of what had made these people good at what they did. He started talking to a lot of coaches and consultants and realized quickly that many of them had very little sales experience. Thus began the online sales training journey.

After several years of consulting with and training many different types of entrepreneurs online, Aaron realized it was time to create a training that would not only serve a number of people in certain industries but something that could serve businesses on -and offline.

If Aaron is known for anything, it’s his passion for getting people out of average and living the highest possible version of themselves. 

Via his podcast, books, video content and international connections with high level thinkers all over the world, he goal is to help humanity rise to a new level of existence. 


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