Myth #1: Selling Is Hard

What does it really take to be iconic in your industry? 

First off, let’s bust this myth that “selling is hard”. 

Or that you’ve got to have a certain type of personality to sell, or that it’s uncomfortable to sell. 

While that might be true for the vast majority of people out there, it really doesn’t have to be that way.

And yes, it has been true for the majority of our sales history.

There are all kinds of things being said about how to be good at sales.

Like, in order to be good at sales you’ve got to be an extrovert or something. (If that’s even a real thing.)

In order to sell well, you have to have a certain kind of temperament.

Or you have to pressure people and do all kinds of shit that you don’t want to do. Things like harassing people, haranguing them, etc…

But the reality is that when you have, what I like to call, “ICON STATUS” in your niche or industry, selling is easy.

You see, I’ve reverse engineered the selling process by making a sales system designed around the prospect being the one wanting to do business with you instead of the other way around. This is the very reason you’ve got to have what I call “altitude” on people. 

The reason you are “above” them is because of your specific expertise in your niche or industry in relation to the prospect’s problem.

Here’s an example of having altitude: Let’s say you find someone who is worth a billion dollars and this person is out in the ocean. And no, he’s not swimming out there, he’s drowning! 

But you, on the other hand, are in a good position. You’re on a boat and you have a life saver ring with you. You have, in that moment, the power to save this billionaire. 

Which means, you’re the one with altitude.

In this scenario, you could be broke and homeless but you have the altitude. It’s not about the amount of money he has, vs, the amount of money you have. It’s not about how much power he has and how much you have.

It’s all about the need that you can solve in relation to that particular scenario. You have altitude because you have the solution. He doesn’t. 

You are more confident in that situation because, well, he’s drowning.

So your job is to make sure that your industry knows you are an "ICON".

You might be thinking to yourself, “I’m new to my industry and I don’t know how I’d do that.”

(I’m going to get into all of that in this series of business myths.) 

Let’s go back to that situation of the drowning billionaire vs you on the boat with the lifesaver ring. 

How much convincing did you have to do? Not much. You’d probably just have to get his attention so he’d focus on you and your solution so that he’d know to grab onto the life saver.

How much pleading and begging did you need to do? Not much.

He’s the one drowning! You are the one that he sees in front of him with the exact tools to save his life.

If you have “ICON” status and you’re the one the prospects see, selling is easy.

It’s not hard. 

It’s hard when you don’t have positioning with somebody. When your frame and posturing is poor, you’re going to have a hard time selling. 

If you’re doing this, for example:  “Hey, my name is John and I work for XYZ company and we have top of the line ________, and I want to talk to you about it. Maybe you could spare 10 minutes of your time. We’d highly appreciate that. When would be a good time to meet? Tuesday or Thursday?” 

That’s traditional selling. 

That’s how they will teach you to sell in 99% of all sales books. Your top sales trainers will teach you how to say things like that but in different iterations.

ICONIC Operational Sales

In ICONIC Operational Sales, or reverse selling, it’s the other way around. You’re positioned at the top of the hierarchy in your niche. You have visibility and people come to you. Wouldn’t you like to be the prize instead of your prospect?

It’s not even so much about being the authority in your niche. A lot of people get this confused. There are a lot of supposed authorities out there. 

You want to be seen as an Icon. Authority misses the point.

If you have a life-threatening illness, you don’t just want an authority. Because there are a lot of authorities out there and they all may have different opinions as to the correct way to go about things. Maybe you’ve got a particular kind of cancer and there are only a dozen Doctors in the world that specialize in that particular cancer. Well, you would want one of the dozen BEST to treat you. 

You’d not just want an authority in that case. 

You want the top of the social hierarchy. You want the damn industry Icon. Why? You want certainty!

Above all human beings need certainty.

Better to be certain about the wrong thing than to be uncertain about the right thing.

Remember, when certainty meets certainty, the most certain of the two leads the other one 100% of the time.

So if you want to make selling easy for you, you’ve got to be perceived as Iconic.

How does one go about doing that in today’s world?

In today’s world is all starts online. 

I am not saying that you’ve gotta “fake it ’til you make it”. What I am saying is that you need to have your digital house in order.

Why the digital house? Why not the brick & mortar house? Such as an office, houses or fancy cars?

Because the digital house has now become the brick & mortar house. It’s just the way it is. 

Here is what people do these days: They hear about you, or come in contact with you and the first thing they do is they Google you. 

They will visit your website. Then they will look you up on relevant social media. Your average prospect today is a hundred times more knowledgeable than your prospect 30 – 40 years ago. 

They know so much more about you before they ever get in a selling encounter with you. 

When a prospect comes in contact with you, he or she is going to check you out and do, what I call, the “sniff test”. 

You do this when you sniff the milk carton to see if the milk has gone bad or if it’s still good. You want to see if it passes the sniff test. 

The reality is that a lot of you and a lot of people trying to do business these days, don’t pass the sniff test. 

What kind of reaction do you want to get out of somebody that goes and checks you out? 

You want altitude. You want to be the guy in the boat with the life saver ring to them.

That’s why it’s vital that you know who your ideal customer is. Your ideal customer is frequently referred to as an “avatar.”.

It is to your avatar that you want to have ICON status.

You don’t need everybody to know you as an icon. But you want your ideal prospects to know you. 

When they see you, they should think, “Man, this is somebody I don’t know but it really looks like I should get to know him.” 

It looks like you are somebody.

This is initially getting altitude with someone. 

So if you want to make sales easy, you’ve got to have altitude on somebody.


So what can you do right now to become an “ICON” in your industry? 

I want to give you practical ways to go out and take action right away. Because without actually doing something, everything I tell you will be meaningless. 

This is where you will start seeing iconic results. 

Here are three different examples of what people in various industries can do to practically implement gaining “altitude” above their peers.

Example 1: The Salesperson

If you are a salesperson and you are employed selling advertising, you have the ability to gain “altitude” just by starting a Facebook group for local business owners and managers in your area. You offer massive value in there regularly,  invest money in getting professional photography done and commit to showing up consistently. 

Another thing to do is to speak at local chambers of commerce events, meetups, etc. This way, you are posturing yourself as an authority in the sales industry. 

You take on “altitude” by presenting different options. Instead of going into businesses to sell your  advertising, you go in, establish a connection and invite business owners and managers to your Facebook group which is packed full of value already. 

Your face and brand should be recognized by local businesses. Make it your goal to just get local business owners into your group. It is easy for people to think of you when they need advertising done, if you are the one always showing up.

Example 2: Pizza Shop Owner

If you own a pizza shop, you let people in on the process you go through to make the pizzas. Make it a point to be visible. Not just your food, YOU must be visible. 

Invest in quality photos and videography. 

Teach people how to make pizzas on their own and what ingredients to use. Create short videos of behind-the-scenes activities. 

Get yourself seen. Your face is the face of your pizza. Papa John’s Pizza is an example of this. In order to do this, invest in a quality camera. Commit to doing things with quality.

This will put you head and shoulders above the other people in your industry.

Example 3: Consultant or Coach

If you have a consulting or coaching business model, you get altitude by creating a Facebook group where you give free value to potential prospects in your niche. 

Another important factor for coaches and consultants is to have quality video content and images on their social media platforms, as well as their website. 

If you have not invested in quality imaging, you will not have the “altitude” in your prospect’s eyes. Think about it…They probably will first see you online. They will look at your pictures, your videos. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.

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