Myth #2: You Have To Chase People To Make Sales

This is the second myth of my series of sales myths that we’re busting in these posts.    You probably have had this thought before yourself.    It goes like this: “You have to chase people in order to be great at sales.”   Let me tell you that that’s a bunch of bullshit.    Do you think the billionaires out there in the world are chasing down other people? Do you think that anyone who is, what I like to call, “ICONIC”, has to run around to try and get people’s attention in order to do business with them?


So then you might have this question: “Is it about their money or is it about their position?”

Glad you asked! I want to prove to you in this post that it is about their position.

The “ICONIC” person in business does not have to chase people because when you have the antidote to someone’s disease, THEY chase YOU and not the other way around.

I like to use the example of the drowning billionaire out at sea.  If you’re on a boat and this billionaire is out there in the ocean drowning, do you have to chase him down in order for him to LET you save him? 

No, that’s ridiculous. 

All you’ve got to do is get his attention: 


He hears you, looks your way, grabs the life saver ring and that’s it. 

In that situation you have, what I like to call, “altitude” or seniority, over that billionaire. His status, his money mean didily at this point. Nothing. Nada. 

It’s all about being seen as the “ICON” in relation to the problem that you solve. 

We view an ICON as somebody who has extremely high status in their particular field but we also associate logos and themes as ICONIC.

What do I mean by this?

For example, when thinking about coffee – what ICON comes to mind? 

Probably Starbucks! (If you’re in the US, at least.) 

If you think of Fast Food Burger places you most likely think of McDonalds. 

Do you think of McDonalds itself or do you think of the McDonalds ICON (the big yellow M), or the Starbucks ICON? 

We could go on and on about the many different ICONS we associate logos to. 

But, essentially, it’s an image taking up residence in your brain. And you are associating this image with a particular brand or thing. 

In Christianity it is the cross, right? So it goes on and on. There are people that study these things. Not just ICONIC people but also images. They go in-depth on the meaning behind these icons and what they represent to people that see them and think of them.

So what I am referring to here is both the ICON status, and the ICON image.

If we talk about what that means today, and if you take me up on my proposition that everyone needs a personal brand, you’ll realize that the ICON is, in fact, YOU. (BTW, everyone actually already has a personal brand if they know it or not, regardless of if it’s a good one or not!).

Today the ICON is you, the actual person. You are the face of your company. 

You could have an image ICON, like Starbucks and still have a personal ICON status too. A lot of people know who the founder of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, is. 

That wasn’t always true. Years ago nobody knew who the CEOs of large corporations and companies were. 

Do you think Howard Schultz has to go around looking for opportunities, or do you think that opportunities flow to him in his world of coffee and retail? 

They flow to him. 

Do you think that Trump had to go around looking for bidders on glass for an entire building when he was building hotels? Or do you think they flowed to him? 

I think the answer is obvious. They flowed to him! 

Because he had ICON status as a Real Estate developer just like Howard Schultz had ICON status as a coffee tycoon.

So when you have the right position in your niche, deals will flow to you.

Keep in mind the example of the drowning billionaire.

A lot of people get flustered about the idea that they might be pitching someone that has more money than them, or that has more social significance than them. 

But none of that shit matters if you are certain in the ability of your product or service to solve the prospect’s problem. (You’ve got to have that 100% certainty in your product or service but I’ll leave that for another post.)

Listen, they wouldn’t have the problem they have, if they already had the solution! 

Let me repeat that: Your prospect wouldn’t have the problem they have, if they already had the solution. 

So how can you keep from chasing people? 

You must have your posturing right.

What exactly does that mean?

Well you must have, what I like to call, your Digital House, in order so that when you’re talking to someone you can have ‘altitude” on them. Meaning, what a prospect sees and hears about you tells them that you know so much more about their particular problem in your niche industry, than they do. 

If it’s clear between you and the prospect that you have the seniority when it comes to your solution, they will be pleading you to work with them. 

Here’s another example: Let’s imagine for a second that you’re a medical doctor and your patient is worth 10 billion dollars. Now, you’re not just any medical doctor. You happen to have the ability to cure this billionaire’s deadly disease. 

It’s pretty obvious that this billionaire is way more valuable to you economically. However, you have infinite value to HIM because you have authority over him because he’s fighting this deadly disease and you’ve got the damn antidote! 

So, again, in that situation, who has more seniority? 

Maybe that billionaire is 90 years old and you’re 35. 

It doesn’t matter. 

You are the one with the altitude in that situation. You have seniority. You are the one with ICON status, not the billionaire.

I think you get my point.

I’m giving you these examples so you see that it has nothing to do with the amount of money you have in the bank, or what your social status is like. It has to do with you in relation to your niche and ability to solve a particular problem. 

This is why it’s essential that you know who your ideal client is, also known as avatar. 

When you’ve got everything dialed in, and you’ve got your “virtual house”in order, (meaning, your social posturing which is all across your website, your social media profiles, etc,), and all these things are on-point and clear, you’ll be able to talk to a prospect and have the “ICON” status in relation to the problem you solve.

They know that you know that you’re above them and have altitude on them in relation to your niche.

This was made clear on the very first interaction you ever had with them. (First impressions matter big time!)

Whatever that interaction was, it mattered. 

And every time they have an interaction with you, it was doubled down, from that point on. 

The closer they get to you and all the way up to a sales call, (if that’s the way your business is set up. If not, there are many other ways too), you are gaining more and more altitude on them.

The point is, that all the way up to the damn sales call, or the point of exchanging money and value, it is solidified that YOU have the “altitude” on your prospect.

You never need to chase people. There are SO many people out there.

There’s only one of you. One ICON. But zillions of prospects. 

Ipso Facto, if you are positioning yourself as a leader or ICON in your field, there are many competitors of yours out there.


But there is only one person positioning himself as the ICON in his industry. There is only one person willing to go the extra mile to position himself as the creme dela creme. 

You see, not many people are willing to do whatever it takes to become ICONIC. 

But in the ICON status realm there is no competition! Quit competing and start dominating by making yourself an Icon. 

This gives you the altitude to tell prospects, “it’s buy or die!” “Take action or else you lose the opportunity.”

In Trump’s book, “The Art Of The Deal” (maybe you don’t like Trump but forget about him as the president. Let’s go back to him being a Real Estate developer), the big takeaway was that you’ve got to be willing to walk away from a deal. 

I have a personal story about this for you that proves this exact point. 

At one point, years ago, I was selling a million dollar home. 

I won’t get into a lot of the details but we ended up having to have a meeting with the buyers of a million dollar property and the sellers, as well as myself, who was the Broker in this situation. 

I was kind of getting squeezed out of this deal but I was at the point where I needed the money. Badly. It was tens of thousands of dollars and I needed this commission for several different reasons. 

Now, I was super young. I don’t know if I even had the ability to grow a full beard at that point! 

But I knew that I had to be willing to walk away from the deal without getting paid.

I was going to walk into this meeting with attorneys, with guys much older and more experienced than I was, and I had to be willing to blow up the deal. 

I was the missing link.

If I walked out, the whole deal would fall apart. 

Everybody in that room was a multimillionaire. Except for me. I was in my mid-twenties and I needed this tens of thousands of dollars. 

But I knew that if I wasn’t willing to blow up the whole damn deal, I wasn’t going to get paid because they would bully me into doing it their way. 

So that’s what I did. And guess what. I walked out of there the victor because I had something that they didn’t.

I had leverage in this situation and it was either fuck or walk.

You don’t ever have to chase people if you’re positioned in your industry

When you position yourself as an Icon, you not only carry that attitude inside of you, you have it backed up by the external world (now it’s the digital world), so that when you interact with a prospect, you’ve got the altitude you need to sell with ease. 

The prospect knows that YOU are the one allowing THEM to buy from you. It’s reverse selling. 

You don’t need to chase anybody. Think about it, there is ONE of you and billions of them.

So that’s why you can be willing to cut off a deal, requiring them to make a decision NOW. 

Because you have endless options! 

No need to pressure them. You’ll just walk away and the decision will be taken from them. 

There’s scarcity for the ICON. Because there is only one ICON. You see the mental shift? 

All of this has got to be set up properly from the very first interaction with a prospect. 

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