Myth #4: “Never Burn Bridges!”

Before we get into another sales myth I want to bust, let me just say this:    You probably have spent most of your life listening to and consuming a lot of conventional wisdom.    This means that a lot of the things you’ve been told all your life are not necessarily conducive to making you great, even though the world and people around you will tell you that they are right and good.    Most of the people you’ve listened to are probably average, or just a little bit below or above it which means that the “wisdom” you’ve received has been from the utterings of averageness.    So don’t be surprised if some of the things you hear me say are shocking to you, or come across as outrageous.    Just keep an open mind and accept the fact that you might be a product of your average surroundings and that if you’re not where you want to be in life, it’s because you’ve been leading your life guided by bad information.    For example, a lot of people think that a million dollars is a lot of money. When in reality it is not!    The average, single-digit millionaire is the new middle class. They can’t even afford to get cancer because they can’t afford all of the alternative treatments it may take to get the best care.    People think that they’re okay and protected in the middle class.    They think they’re living the American dream.    But most people who think they are in the middle class are downright poor!    Average is a mathematical equation. Go look it up.    This means that average is everywhere.  

Most people you ever talk to are average and living far below their potential.

Yes, they are capable of being and doing so much more but they’ve been living off of bad information. Conventional wisdom, per say. 

They grew up around average people that flat-out fucked them up, teaching them how to be average at best. 

So my job is to open up your mind and present possibilities to you that you might have never deemed possible. 

My goal is to bust these average-thinking myths so that you can become and ICON in your industry and stop living life way below your potential. 

If you want to start getting results you’ve never gotten before, you’ll need to start thinking differently and doing things you’ve never done before. 

That being said, let’s dive into myth #4. 

You’ve probably heard this saying before and it goes like this:

“Don’t burn a bridge.”

Do any of the following statements sound familiar to you? 

“Don’t EVER burn a bridge.” 

“Don’t try to walk on water. “You’re not God. So Don’t burn bridges.” 


“The customer is always right so you never want to burn a bridge with them” 


“You always want to be able to come back around a little later, you know?”

And there are many more. 


I want to bust this myth that in sales you have to take punishment, disrespect or abuse from people in order not to burn bridges. 


Let me ask you this: Does the ICON have the ability to burn bridges? 




There are seven billion people on the planet. Just think about that for a second and try to imagine a sea of people. 


Think about ten people gathered in a room. 


Then think about a hundred people all gathered together  in one room. 


Next, imagine one thousand people in one room. 


Are you beginning to get the picture? 


Think about the amount of people it would be to have gathered ten-thousand people in one space. 


All living their lives…(with their own set of shit!) I mean this is a lot of people! 


Think of a million people, ten million, a hundred million and all the way to one billion people! 

And we have 7 billion + people on the planet. 

There are so many people to go around. 

So if someone treats you like shit or you just don’t like them, well, by all means, burn the bridge! 

If you don’t like somebody, let the bridge burn. 

If somebody doesn’t want to do your deal, let them be dead to you. Don’t worry about it. Keep going. Somebody out there does want what you have to offer. Stop wasting energy and time on people that don’t. 

When you are an effective salesperson, you should have a lot of people in your pipeline and it doesn’t matter whether or not one person likes you, or doesn’t like you. 

Just move on. 

Maybe you think that is being a jerk. Well, I know that I am not trying to get an award for being a nice guy. 

 In my opinion, neither should you. Because not only will that keep you from being who you really are (which is what attracts people to you in the first place), it will also make you cater to other people and eventually, lose sight of your big dreams. 

I don’t need to, or want to be liked by everyone. That is not my goal. 

I’m trying to make money in avalanches of abundance. 

And I don’t need to waste time on freaks, flakes and fairies. 

And neither do you. 

So next time you come in contact with someone that treats you with disrespect or throws shade on the things you’re trying to accomplish, burn the bridge and move on. 

It obviously doesn’t mean that you don’t like people. 

People have everything that you need. 

Someone today has the money in their wallet, or on their credit card, that I’m gonna get from them eventually. 

I’m coming for it. (Chances are, if you’re reading this that your money is going to eventually find itself into my pocket)

But guess what, I’m not the only one. There are other people that you’re going to give your money to. 

And there is money out there that is going to find its way into YOUR pocket. 

So burning bridges has nothing to do with disliking people. You need people. 

It has to do with being okay with moving on and cutting off contact with people who don’t see value in what you do and treat your poorly.


The Icon is a gravitational force and the center of gravity in their industry. 

What does this mean? 

It means that they are magnetic. They are always bringing new people to them. There is a flow happening and they never run out of new leads. 

This is why as long as you aren’t doing anything illegal and you have a clear conscience that allows you to sleep at night,  you can burn bridges that aren’t helping you move forward. 

 Because there are so many people on this planet. 

You don’t need to take punishment from people. 

You also don’t need people to like you and you can let that be known. 

I don’t know about you but that feels very freeing to me. 

Let go of the worries of being liked and instead work on liking yourself and you will achieve ICON status.

The Truth About Average People

One thing that you are going to need to do if you want to truly be an ICON is to remove all average people from your life. 


For some of you that means your parents, or siblings and maybe even your kids! 


Why is this so damn important? 


Well it’s because they are drowning and if you have not already reached an altitude where you can reach down and rescue them, you will be pulled into the sinking waters with them. 


You are no good to them as long as you are in average-land yourself. 


While I was looking through my Facebook feed one day I saw someone make a statement that went like this: 


“I don’t want to be average because average is broken and broke.” 


And I thought to myself, “Amen!”  


You don’t want to be average. Average people are terrorists who spew out to you their average information. 


It is true that the average person with average intelligence has the ability to accomplish phenomenal things! 


But they’ve been caught up on bad information that has caused them to walk around in a stupor.


The way to get out of average is to purposefully and aggressively refuse any kind of negative or average information to make it into your space. It’s a fight to be great. 


And this means that sometimes you’ve just gotta cut people off. 

I’m quick with the “ban- button” in my universe. 


Because I am so committed to my dreams and I know that the best thing I can do for my family is to be a better version of me. 


A more successful version of me. 


A wiser version of me. 


And as long as you’re not against that, we’re good. 


Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to hang out with you, necessarily.  Because you’re probably average. 


And that means you might be  a zombie. If you bite me, I go to average too. 


And I cannot do that. 


If you want to be an ICON, you must not hang around average people anymore either.

So the ICON cuts people out of his or her life that do anything to impede his or her success.

There is a place to get your ass kicked. It’s important. I don’t pat people on the back, telling them how good they are and to “just be themselves”. No. That’s not what I’m here for. 


You probably already have had enough of that in your life. 


I am here to push and propel you towards your potential. I might smack you. But it’s to get that laziness out of you that you have acquired from being around average minded people all your life. 


If you want to be patted on the back, you’ll need to go to somebody else. I will get you across the finish line. But I will be kicking you in the butt to get there. I will pull your potential out of you. 


You probably have already tried the “feel-good” route. You know, just listening to people who make you feel good about where you’re at in life and so on. 


But it hasn’t gotten you where you want to go. 


And it won’t get you to where you want to go. 


So, know that to be ICONIC, you’re going to have to let go of some people. 


That’s why  I am willing to axe people out of my life that are average because I have a destiny to where I’m going. 


I just cannot afford to keep average people around. 


I’m creating jobs, doing good, making myself and everyone that comes in contact with me better. 


Part of being able to do so much and keep hustling towards my dreams is because I am willing to burn bridges. 


The ICON never lets anyone get in the way of being great. 


Sometimes I hear people say things about successful individuals that go something like, “That guy or gal is surrounded by a bunch of “yes” men.” 


And I think to myself, “of course they are!”  Because they’ve created their own reality for themselves.


It’s way beyond that of an average person. 


Do some lose touch with reality? Yes, maybe. 


But who decides what reality even  is? 


Create your own reality! 


And I suggest that you DO lose touch with the reality of the average people. 


Creating your own reality is inspiring to people. They start to want to get caught up in your reality because their reality sucks. 


The ICON creates his/her own reality. And they are open and willing to invite people into their life who kick them, prod them and propel them into their potential.

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