Myth #5: Not Everyone Needs A Personal Brand

The fifth myth I want to bust is somewhat cutting-edge. 


Cutting-edge because it’s a new problem in the world. And it’s a new problem because so many entrepreneurs and people in business are refusing to run with it. So it’s more like a new aspect of life and business that wasn’t around twenty years ago. 


If you are in business at any level, you’ve probably either thought about this myth, or you’ve just shoved it off.  


But the idea is this: “Not everyone needs a personal brand.” 


You’ll hear business owners say things like, 

“I’m an accountant, I don’t need a personal brand. Why would anyone want to see my face?”

Or, “I’m a pizza shop owner. I don’t need a personal brand. People don’t care about me, they just want good pizza.” 


The myth that certain people and business owners don’t need personal brands is widespread and is hurting businesses big time. It’s ignorant, to say the least. If you are a business owner today and you’re not keeping up with the fast and many changes happening with technology, you are going to eventually go out of business. 

It’s just how it is.

Why is it that so many brick & mortar businesses (primarily), are refusing to have their own personal brands?

I believe it’s mainly because people don’t understand social media and the impact it’s having on all of society –  not to mention the success of your business today. I mean, there are teenagers that are cashing in millions per year just because they are using the tools that are FREE for everyone to take advantage of. 

But so many brick & mortar business owners are not keeping up with the times. 

This includes chiropractors, dentists, smoothie shop owners – basically everyone who calls themselves a “small business owner” and owns a space in a four-wall brick building. 


I hate to say it but it’s got to be said: Most of these business owners are just downright dumb (we are all dumb in certain areas at times) when it comes to their branding.

The Problem With Brick & Mortar Businesses

I’ve worked with hundreds upon hundreds of local, brick & mortar business owners over the years. I started selling advertising to them when I was just eighteen years old. So I’ve got a lot of experience working with them and have obtained pretty good insights on how many of them think. 


The biggest problem that I see is that they think they are somebody important , somebody successful,  when in reality they are not. The truth of the matter for most of these business owners is that they hardly make any money. They are poor, in my books. 


Even a lot of medical professionals are poor. 


Yet in their worlds, they are somebody. They are the “Boss” who everyone accounts to. 


Yes, they might have a few people working under them, following their orders. They also frequently have people coming into their offices trying to sell them things.


So it’s easy for them to have inflated egos because in their little worlds, they are at the top of the pyramids.


Here’s the reality about most brick & mortar businesses: They have created a prison for themselves that they are now obligated to show up to every day. Yeah, they might enjoy their profession and find a level of fulfillment in what they do. However, they are not financially secured in case of emergency. 


Or, what about leaving on a spontaneous vacation with their family? 


They are like slaves to their businesses and have just created another job for themselves. 

It’s sad because they are unaware of the possibilities available to them online. 

Most of them have absolutely no clue how to take advantage of and make use of social media. 


Sometimes I hear things like “It’s not about me.” 


Or, “I don’t like to take pictures, or be in videos.” 


Well, it’s not about what you like at all. 


It’s about what it takes to be successful and to make it. 


Are you in the business to make money? It’s not even just about that money. But money is the only thing we keep track of. And what could you do with an extra million dollars per year? Or what about an extra per month? Or per day? 


The possibilities are endless when you focus on thinking big and dreaming big. 


The new middle class are single digit millionaires. Everything below that is…poor! 


Look it up. It’s the new reality. 


It is atrocious to me how many people think that they have a lot of money but when an emergency happens, somebody in their world gets sick, or they get sued, they can’t make it and go out of business. 


There is no need for that to be you, unless, however, you stay stuck in thinking small thoughts and believing that having a personal brand is not for you and your business.

The Solution: Become An Icon

We live in the best time in history to acquire generational wealth. And you’ve got the tools, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and MORE – all free! It’s a dream! 

So start using them. 

The solution to get you out of this unhealthy phenomena of being stuck in a job as a small business owner is to go above and beyond what everyone else in your industry is doing and create for yourself a personal brand. 


You’ve got to be ICONIC in your business. 


What does being an ICON in your industry mean? 


Well for one, if you are the owner, you’ve got to lead from the front. 


You can’t go “behind-the-scenes” and hide behind your brick & mortar building. Stop hiding. 

It’s one thing if you’re an investor. But if you are the proprietor of a business, you’ve got to lead from the front and not behind your employees. 


I have seen many websites where a business owner does not even have a picture of himself or herself on the entire site! 

There might be one picture of the team of employees on there and that’s it! 

This is not acceptable in this time we live in. 


You shouldn’t have your employees in your pictures on your website while you’re too afraid to get out in front of a camera. 

Are you aware of how many kids are making profitable careers for themselves just because they are showing up online and consistently showing their face while you refuse to do it? 


You’ve got to understand that this is the world we live in now. 


I’m sure you already know that people don’t want to do business with things, they want to do business with people. 

So it doesn’t matter what you are comfortable with, or what you’d rather do. 


The truth of the matter is that you should be spending most of your time marketing your content and showing your face to people in your niche. Obviously the best way to do this is online. 


Here’s the underlying message for you: Do NOT be in business if you are not prepared to show your fucking face and let people know who you are. 


Unless, of course you’re okay with slaving away at your business all your life. And you’re okay with living in fear because you don’t have the kind of money to protect you and your family in case of emergencies. 


The townsquare right now is social media. 


So that’s where you’ve gotta show up now and meet people. Think about how much more practical it is these days than it used to be. 


You no longer need to go door-to-door to meet people. It’s not necessary to spend time meeting up with potential prospects face to face. (Although there’s a place for that)


You can do everything online. Social media is the place where people are hanging out at today. 


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a brick & mortar, you STILL have to show up on social media and meet people where they are. 


Stop trying to expect your prospects to come to you. Go where they are already at and watch your business grow.

Bottom line is, you’ve got to have a personal brand.

Here’s what I mean by that: You need to start to show up online every day just like you do to your brick & mortar business. You’ve got to begin to allow people to get to know you as a person. 

If you are an accountant, you could create posts or videos teaching people how to keep track of their expenses, for example. Or you could give them daily tips. 

There are hundreds of possibilities. 

But what’s important is that your face becomes the face of your brand. 


As I already mentioned earlier, people want to do business with people. 


As a chiropractor, imagine what you could do if you began creating an online following of people that want to learn about proper stretching techniques, for example. Or then proper nutrition to go with specific weight loss plans. 


Get out there and show up. Invest in quality photography and imaging. Be the best you know how to be.


Be the ICON in your industry. 


In order to get to that status, it is imperative that you get your “Digital House” in order. 


It’s ten times more important than your office. Seriously. How many people can you reach online as opposed to from your office every day? 


How you show up on social media is infinitely more important these days than how you show up at your business street address. 


This includes Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and wherever your people are. 


You need to show up in quality and quantity.

 And don’t give me this, “oh, I’d rather have quality over quantity.”


Never sacrifice one for the cost of another. 


The rule is that you need BOTH. You should aim for quality AND quantity. 


If you’re going to operate through ICONIC Operational Sales you’ve got to have both. 


You show up every day on social media just like you would to your office. 


Your goal, no matter what you do, is to be able to stand out above your competitors.


If you want to compete, then compete. That’s fine. 


But if you want to dominate, you’ve gotta become the ICON in your industry. And once you’ve reached ICON status, things become a lot easier. Your way to being ICONIC is doing whatever it takes to get there. 


Will you do it? Or will you be like most people who refuse to take action? 


Perhaps you’re sitting pretty in your business right now thinking that you don’t need to do anything else to keep up. After all, you think to yourself, you’ve been advertising the same way for years. Or maybe you compare yourself to others in your industry and just follow the trend of what they are doing. 


Well, most small businesses don’t make it. That’s what the statistics say. If you want to take that chance then so be it. 


But let me tell you this: Somebody right now is doing the things you won’t do. They are showing up and creating a brand online. And before you know it, this “youngster” will pass you by and you will go out of business.


I promise you that it’s going to happen. It has happened before and it will continue to happen. 

Every single person needs a personal brand and should invest in getting one. 


It doesn’t matter what you do or even if you work for someone else right now, you still need your own personal brand.

Your online “Digital House” is the new brick and mortar. 


If your social media is on point, everything else will flow from that.

And that is why we’re doing ICONIC CAMP...

We’ll take care of all of your visuals, give you the training and get everything set up for an entire year. 

If you’re interested in getting your ICONIC status, reach out and we’ll talk.

If you want to come out to an Iconic Camp, I have to approve you. So you need to head on over to Straight Up Entrepreneurs which is my free Facebook group and let us know that you’re interested in Iconic Camp. 

It doesn’t matter if you are working for somebody else or not. Everyone has a personal brand. Most of them are just shitty. 

If you’re not sure if it’s for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can also check out my private Facebook group, “Brass Balls” here. This is for entrepreneurs who want high level accountability and training to gain mental toughness and reach their potential.