Myth #6: Don’t Brag

“I am the greatest. I said that even before I was.” 

These are the words said by Muhammad Ali, the greatest heavy-weight champion of all time. 

You probably think nothing of it, or even admire him for saying those words because in hindsight we recognize the greatness of the 1% that achieve big things. 

But what about the people that heard him say these words when he still was a “nobody”? 

I’m sure he had many people telling him to stop bragging. 

But here’s the truth: You’ve got to see yourself at your goal-line before anyone else will ever see you there. 

Some people call it bragging. But it’s only bragging unless it’s true, or until it becomes the truth.

So let’s smash this myth that you shouldn’t brag about how great you are. 


You’ve heard the mumblings of average people saying things like, 


“Don’t brag. Bragging is bad.” 


“Don’t talk about yourself. You don’t want to make other people feel bad.”


The reality is that promotion is just that: It’s letting other people know how great you are.

McDonald’s, for example, is always telling us how great their hamburgers are even though we know that they really aren’t that great. 


The essence of promotion is telling everyone how great your product or service is. 


You need to be telling people all the time how great your product and services are. If you don’t believe that you are the best, you should go to work for somebody that is the best or put all your efforts into becoming the very best in your industry!

Becoming The Best

How do you become the best? 


You need to be before you can do and you need to do before you can have. 


“Being” means you must see yourself as the best before you’re even close to it. It means you start brainwashing yourself that you are the best at what you do before you are. 


This subconsciously makes your mind focus on ways to truly get better and be better. 


And before you know it, you’ll be the best. 

But I understand that a lot of people get hung up with the fact that they are bragging about their personal brand. 


So let’s say that by now you’ve already bought into the idea that you’ve gotta have an ICONIC personal brand. 


(If you’re still not sold on this, you need to reread the earlier chapters!) 


However, if you come to me and tell me that you’re not really comfortable letting people know about your greatness, you have simply not yet understood the nature of all promotion. 


When you have a personal brand you need to be telling people all the time that you are the best there is in your industry. 


I know, and can say without hesitation that I am the very best sales trainer on the planet.


I really do believe that with all my heart.


 If you’d see my face, you would see that there is no vasodilation in my eyes.

My methods and what I teach are the exact opposite of what most trainers are teaching you. 


They are saying, “You’ve got to prove yourself to the prospect.” 


Or, “You need to sell them on all the benefits”.


And I say, “No. Your prospect needs to sell YOU on the benefits of why they should be able to buy from you.”


Imagine how nice it would be if prospects were selling themselves to you as opposed to the other way around. 


This is what all the major brands are doing! 


They’re on billboards, posturing themselves and brainwashing you into believing that they are the best. 


You see, if you are constantly getting out in front of prospects, telling them how great you are, it’s just a matter of time before they believe it. 


Now you might be saying that it’s easier to state that what you have is the best ever if it’s a widget, or a product that you’re selling as opposed to a service. 


Maybe you’re hearing your mom’s voice who told you, “Don’t toot your own horn”, or “It’s better to let other people brag on your behalf.” 


But conventional wisdom is almost always wrong. It’s what you’ve been hearing and what you grew up around because 99% of everyone is average. 


So who do you want to listen to? 


Obviously if you want to be like the majority of people you can listen to them. But if you want to be like the 1%, that’s who you must listen to, which is to promote. 


These days you cannot hide behind your brand. It might have been true for your dad and grandpa but not anymore.

Why You Need To Tell People How Great You Are

You are the face of your brand. Just like Zuckerberg is the face of Facebook, or Steve Jobs is the face of Apple. 


You exemplify everything that your brand is about. So if that’s the case, you have to represent and embody that as it’s face. 


Your LOGO doesn’t cut it anymore. These days your face is the logo. 


That’s why it’s essential that you tell people how great you are! 


“I am the best pizza maker!” 


“I am the best ____________!” (fill in the blank) 


 Everything you do has got to be a reflection of you being the best out there. 


The quality and quantity of what you put out has to reflect that YOU are the best in your niche. 


You absolutely don’t need to be famous to everybody but you do need to be famous to the people in your niche. 


Let’s for a moment take it back to the drowning billionaire. He’s out there drowning in the ocean and you’re on the boat. 


You’ve got the best solution because there is nobody else around. So you get his attention and throw out your life saver ring to him, encouraging and promptin him to grab on to it. 


That’s exactly what you’re doing in a selling scenario! You’ve got the solution! 


“Do it now! I can save you. I’ve got the best solution for you!” 


When you’re getting altitude and you’re posturing yourself well, that’s what you’re doing. You are bragging, telling people imcplicitely and explicitely that you are the freaking best. 


IF you are a Health Coach, you are the best health coach. You’re not just okay. 

Who would you chose to go with if you had the option to go with the best or the second best health coach? 


I’m sure you’d go with the best, right? 


So that’s why you need to be saying that all the time. 


And as I said before: If you don’t feel like the best, you need to brainwash yourself into feeling like you are the best. 


Claim that you’re the best, put yourself out there so that you have no other choice but to deliver on it. 


Overcommit and then overwork to fulfill on the commitment. 


Blow your own horn, yes. But make sure that everything that you do is ICONIC to go along with it.

That’s why we’re having ICONIC Camp.

We want to help you get all of your posturing, your imaging and your content set up so that everything matches what you’re saying. Because if you’re bragging about being the best yet you’ve got terrible content, well, your prospect is going to lack certainty in your ability to help him/her. 


I know you might hear some people say that you should just be authentic and everything else will flow to you. But why is it that the most ICONIC people amongst us are not doing that? Why is it that they have the greatest content with the best quality? 


You want to be a gravitational force and suck people in in a big way! If you just want to make money and be a C-player, quit reading now. This is not for you. 

This is only for people who want to be ICONIC in their niche. 


If you want to come out to an Iconic Camp, I have to approve you. So you need to head on over to Straight Up Entrepreneurs which is my free Facebook group and let us know that you’re interested in Iconic Camp. 

It doesn’t matter if you are working for somebody else or not. Everyone has a personal brand. Most of them are just shitty. 

If you’re not sure if it’s for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can also check out my private Facebook group, “Brass Balls” here. This is for entrepreneurs who want high level accountability and training to gain mental toughness and reach their potential.