Myth #7: Don’t Pressure People

A lot of people have this idea that pressuring prospects in a selling scenario is wrong. 


What is the actual definition of “pressure”? 

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, pressure “is the application of force to something by something else in direct contact with it.”

It’s a natural occurrence that is happening around us at any moment of any given time. 

So there’s nothing evil, bad or scary about pressuring people. 


In fact, each and every one of us pressures somebody multiple times a week (and sometimes even multiple times in one day)! 

But I’m sure you’ve heard something like this before, 

“Don’t pressure people. Pressuring people is bad.” 

“Pressuring people makes you seem like a used car salesman.” 

“It’s icky, slimy and sleazy to pressure people.” 

“Don’t pressure people because it makes them feel uncomfortable.” 

“We always want to make sure the customer feels good.”

Let me just say that is a bunch of bull***! 

Instead of worrying about pressuring people, worry about having the best product or service out there. And as long as you’re in contact with a potential client or customer, you need to do all you can to make sure they get what you’ve got.

How can you do this and maintain an ICONIC status on the prospect? In other words, how can you maintain altitude? 

(Remember, altitude means the distance of height between you and your prospect in a social situation. 

If you’re both at the same level or the same height, they won’t buy from you. Because you’re equal. 

If you’re lower than them, they won’t buy either.)

So you’ve got to have the altitude when it comes to your niche. 

It doesn’t matter if your prospect is a billionaire – if you are the top of the hierarchy in your niche, they are going to buy from you. 

Taking it back to our story of the drowning billionaire. If he’s out in the water drowning and you’re on the boat with a lifesaver ring, you’re at a higher status than he is at that moment. 

That’s what altitude is.

Two Reasons People Don’t Like To Pressure

If exerting pressure is truly a natural thing to do, why is it that so many people feel uncomfortable doing it? And why are we being told by many gurus these days not to pressure people? 

There are two main reasons people are afraid of applying pressure:

1. Political Correctness

If we’ve ever lived in a time where you needed to be careful not to step on anyone’s toes, or not to hurt anyone’s feelings, it’s today. 

Pressuring a prospect could make them uncomfortable. It is part of our politically correct culture today. 


But think about when you were a little kid. Nobody taught you to demand from other people, you just did it. 


Babies do it. 


Toddlers do it.


All little kids put pressure on people. It’s human nature to do so. 


When they want something, they’re willing to throw a fit to get it! 


We want what we want, when we want it. 



Getting people to do things is a form of leadership. Making a sale and motivating a prospect is a form of leadership. 


So If you can’t pressure people to perform when you want them to, you don’t have leadership. 

A lot of people say that they don’t want to pressure people. They just want to inspire people to move towards them, their product or service,  and when they do, they’ll do it on their own time. 


The truth of the matter is, one way or another, you are putting pressure on people to do what you want them to do. 


The latter is a form a manipulation because you are trying to get people to buy from you anyhow! Even if it’s a round-about way. 


So, the idea of not wanting to pressure people is a form of political correctness. 


And people tend to need or want to be politically correct when they have a  low self-concept. 

When you don’t feel good enough about yourself and you’re not able to voice your opinions and desires, you need to be liked. 


But it’s also a sign of not believing in your product or service 1000%. 


If I have the solution to someone’s problem, why wouldn’t I enthusiastically tell people to get it? 


Just think once again about the billionaire in the water. I have the ability to save his life! Yes, I’m willing to pressure him to grab a hold of the life saver ring if I needed to. Of course I would! 

What kind of person would I be to NOT exhort pressure on someone who is drowning so I could save their life? 


I’m not going to say, “Hey, just grab a hold of the life saver ring at your own time and accord. I’m just looking to inspire you right now.” 


What if you viewed pressure as your moral obligation? What if it was more ethical to pressure people if you knew you could help them, then to allow them to continue on in their detrimental patterns?


The reality is that if  you can’t pressure people, it’s a symptom that you don’t have enough altitude in your niche. In other words, you’re not ICONIC enough. 


Just think about Steve Jobs, Ted Turner, or Trump for an example. 

 When you’re an ICON, you have the ability to make demands. 


If you can’t make demands, it’s because you are talking to somebody in a higher social status than you. 


You could make demands on your employees, or on your children, right? 


So if you can make demands on a whole bunch of people, you can also make demands on a prospect. 


If you have Iconic status and all of your posturing is set up well, that is. 


You’ve got to be able to pressure people. It’s not just something that you should do, it’s something that you must do if you are to maintain an ICONIC status. 


As the Icon you make demands on people because you know that what you have to offer is so good.


And if they walk away because of it, that’s okay. 


It’s been said many times that there is no one thing that can kill a sale. So there is not a single thing you can do that will turn the prospect away. It’s always a cumulative amount of things.

2. Your Pipeline isn’t full

Another reason you don’t want to pressure people is because you don’t have enough people in your pipeline to say what you really want to say. 


If you had a lineup of people waiting to talk to you or buy your product, you wouldn’t have a problem putting pressure on people and saying what you really need to say in order to move on. 


There are so many people in this world. 


Pressuring people is kind of like the topic of being controversial. Sometimes people ask me if they should be more controversial in order to get more attention. And I always tell them that they already are controversial with some of their opinions but they don’t have the “balls” to say it! 


Everyone, if they were being honest, is controversial to some degree. 


Same goes for pressure. We all have it in us. Everyone has pressure inside of them to some degree but most are too cowardly to put pressure on people. 


If you don’t feel like you are able to pressure people, it’s because you don’t feel ICONIC enough. 

That’s what it comes down to. 


Because if all of your posturing was set up well and you had everything on fleek, you’d be okay with putting demands on people. 


You’d be okay letting people go that are on the fence about working with you. 


It should either be a, “hell yes”, or a “hell no”. If it’s a maybe, it’s a “hell no”. 


Because I want to work with people that are eager and willing to get started.  Not people that are doubtful and wavering in their decisions. 


I’m okay with burning bridges because I know that my pipeline is always being refilled. 


That’s how it should be for you too. And when you’re an ICON, that’s how it is. 


You should be okay with making some people mad. Because anger is a higher energetic force than liking someone is. If you’re angry, you’re likely to tell more people about me than if you’re happy. 


It’s been said that a dissatisfied customer tells seven people, a happy customer only tells one person. 


I know that what I have is really good. And I also feel really good about who I am. 


So I’m totally okay with people not liking me. Why? Because if you can get enough people not to like you, you can get so much money, you’d not know what to do with it. 


If you get enough people not to like you, you could be the president of the United States. 


Your goal should be to voice your real opinions and you’ll stir up controversy ipso facto. 


And remember that the ICONIC person pressures out of being ICONIC.  


You have the ability to have the mindset of, “Hey, you’re going to either do this now or I’ll move on to the next person.” 


No need to create false scarcity. 


If you really want to go to the next level, you’ve got to be ICONIC in all of your posturing. 


It’s not enough to just half-ass things. It’s got to be at an ICONIC level if you’re to feel like you’re an ICON. And in order to communicate that you are an ICON, you have to feel like one!

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