Myth #8: It Does Not Matter How You Look

First impressions matter.

In fact, it takes us only a couple of milliseconds to subconsciously decide what we believe about a person or thing on our very first interaction with them or it. 

And we only get one chance to make a first impression. 

So it seems like a no-brainer that how we look, how we present ourselves and the posturing that we have matter. Especially when we are trying to sell a product or a service to potential clients and customers.

Yet, there are many people that will still be telling you things like, 

“It doesn’t matter if your pictures and content isn’t professional.”

“You don’t need all the bells and whistles, you just need to show up as you are.”

“Your image and how you look isn’t that important. All that is overrated.” 

Well, can we just bust this dumb myth once and for all. 

First of all, it seems like the people that say that it doesn’t matter how you look are usually the ones that are not that good-looking themselves! 

Secondly, it’s against evolutionary biology to say that beauty doesn’t matter. 

Science tells us that it does matter.  And it goes all the way back to the idea of picking a partner based on their looks to ensure that they will be a good mating partner. 

So if we expand that out to a macro level, we obviously care about the presentation and the quality with which it is being presented. 

Of course you don’t need to look like a supermodel to do good in business. 

But what you do need to do is to put your best foot forward. 

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The example of the hotel

Let’s pretend for a moment that you own a hotel. And the claim you’ve been making to everyone you know is that you are the best hotel out there. Your telling people that your beds will serve for the best night’s rest people have ever had. 


You are going around telling people how you do everything you can to make people feel great, plus, your service is on point. 


You’ve been telling everyone and their momma about your great place! 


But then when your guests arrive in the lobby, it looks like a crack den. 


When they see the outside of your hotel they immediately think of a trap house. 


Some boards are missing, the glass is dirty and the place is just not in great order. 


What do you think will happen in the minds of your guests when they experience this?


Now, of course, this is just to give you a visual of what is happening to a lot of business owners today. 


There are so many people building personal brands that are taking all of their pictures and videos with their cell phones. 


They’ve been trying to get by with less than the bare minimum because they’re trying to save a little money. 

By the way, you don’t get rich saving money. You get rich investing money and making that money multiply. 


And investing in quality content that makes you look good is putting your best foot forward in the digital world. 


It’s actually superfluous to say, “the digital world, or the world of social media”. Because the world today is digital and we’re heading in that direction faster than ever now. 


We are no longer in the 1990’s. 


This is the world of now and in order to be in the game, you need to have your social profiles on fleek. 

If you’ve been following this series of myths, I’m sure you’ve already bought into the idea that everyone needs a personal brand. Well, actually, everyone already has a personal brand. But it’s up to you if you want that to be one that you’re proud of or one that only just gets you by. 

Hopefully, you want to go for a quality brand. Because if you’re looking good and if your content is on fleek, you will get to have the ICONIC posturing which we are all aiming for. 


However, if you’re telling people to work with you or buy your product because it’s the best there is and you don’t look the part (as with the example of the hotel I gave earlier), you will be turning a lot of folks away that would otherwise do business with you. 


The way you look should match the quality of what you’re offering.


So if you want what you’re offering to be world-class, you need to have a world-class presentation.

The Straight Line Of Cognition

If you want to be an ICON in your industry, you need to make sure that you are operating in a straight line of cognition. 


What do I mean by that? 

So if the product or service that you’re claiming to have is of higher quality than the appearance of your brand, you are not in a straight line. 


Think about a straight line and remember that everything needs to be level with that line. 


Again, if what you’re claiming about your product or service is awesome and great but the way you present it is way below that claim, you have a disconnect and people will get confused. 


But people won’t even know that they’re confused, however, instinctively, you are going to lose trust with people. 


You must focus on making the quality of what you want to sell to people the same as your presentation.


Apple releases a new product every year.


Along with the new product they also release videos that promo these products. They are explainer videos. 


But these videos have amazing quality. They are artistic and beautiful. 


So every time a new iPhone comes out, they also release a really cool explainer video to go along with it. 


It’s got to be a very high quality video because it has to match what they are claiming in their products. 


Apple claims to have the best phones out there, so whatever they put out has to match that statement. 


It’s got to be epic. 

The same goes for you. If you’re claiming to be the best in your industry, or in your area, the things you do have to match that.


Now of course there is nothing wrong with doing a selfie or video on your phone once in a while. 

As a matter of fact, it’s good to add some of that into your mix of content because it adds dynamic and depth to your brand. 


If everything you put out is polished it’s not as three dimensional. 


So you want the good, the great and the superb quality in everything you do. And you want the organic stuff from time to time as well. 


Most people, however, will err on the side of the organic stuff. 


The people that tell you that you don’t need high quality content are never A-players in their industry. 


Think about a business leader that you know of. I am sure that you can tell that they’re putting out A-quality content. 


It’s not to say that they never take selfies with their phone. 


However, they are also putting out A-quality content.