Not Everyone Is An Entrepreneur

Aaron Janx

Aaron Janx

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Everyone wants to be their own boss

Being called an entrepreneur is the fashionable thing these days. 

Looking around in the world today, there is a lot of pressure coming from influencers, leaders and even from regular people to be an entrepreneur. It’s not abnormal to hear people talking about being a slave to a job. I even use the phrase “job slave” quite a bit as well.

If this is how a lot of people view their work, it is no surprise that becoming an “entrepreneur” is the better way of life.

The reality of being an Entrepreneur

These days I see a lot of people attempting to be entrepreneurs who really have no business trying that venture. It takes a lot of tenacity, a certain kind of grit, stubbornness, and maybe even a level of craziness to be an entrepreneur. 

It also demands a certain kind of self-belief and self confidence. 

On top of that, it requires you to have a certain temperament of independence, one that involves a high level of creativity. 

 Being an entrepreneur is mainly a one person position. The other people that work under you or with you, are called, employees.

Yes, it’s true that the essence of being an entrepreneur is quite simple. You have something, you sell it and make a profit from it. That is simple. But the action of it is not quite as simple. Being successful in business is not easy,… Click To Tweet

These individuals seem to, unfortunately, struggle, struggle and struggle some more. They have all kinds of obstacles and self-doubts to overcome. These are common even to entrepreneurs, but for these individuals, success always seems just out of reach.

Are YOU really an Entrepreneur?

    If you are reading this, you probably already know by now if you are an entrepreneur or not. If you doubt that you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably not one. Maybe you have a difficult time even imagining yourself really succeeding as an entrepreneur.

If you are somebody that gets overwhelmed easily and  you have a difficult time handling pressure and deadlines, you most likely will not make a great entrepreneur.

I tend to think that entrepreneurs are people who really can’t picture themselves as employees. They are too self-willed, and they are too strong in their leadership skills.

With that being said, I do understand the aspect of learning to be a leader by following, which has it’s place indeed. But the reality is, that I, for example, was not a good employee. I can’t be managed because I’m too much of a free spirit. I am a very independent person and I don’t appreciate being led. This happens to be part of my temperament. 

Now, there are a lot of people that have no problem being led. And those are the people that probably are employees. Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Rockefeller and anybody you can think of in any industry have greatly relied upon a great team for their achievements. Without these employees, they wouldn’t be anything.

The bottom line is: 

  1. If you feel like you’re not an entrepreneur, you probably are not one. 
  2. If you doubt that you’re an entrepreneur in your heart of hearts, you’re probably not one. 

I know there is no other way for me because I know I’d be a horrible employee. As an entrepreneur, I’m awesome, but as an employee, I am not.

Know your weaknesses so you can focus on your strengths.

There is also another thing that I’ve heard about and it’s called being an “intrapreneur”. 

You could consider yourself an “intrapreneur” if you’re not quite an employee but you’re not really an entrepreneur. You’re kind of like a hybrid between the two. You work well under a lot of freedom but you also want somebody to answer to, you appreciate some leadership.

The key is knowing your weaknesses so that you can know your strengths. Now, of course, you focus on your strengths but you also need to know your weaknesses. For me, I know I can’t be led well. I have to be autonomous. I need the freedom to be creative. 

You need to know what your weaknesses are in order to capitalize upon your strengths. This will involve some self- reflection and some self-examination.

Not an Entrepreneur? No worries, find somebody to help

I hope that if you’ve been “working” on becoming an entrepreneur but you find yourself being miserable in the process — you would stop. Instead, go out and find somebody who is a great leader so that you can help them. 

They need people like you. 

Perhaps you are an “intrapreneur”, and you don’t like or need to be micromanaged, but you need some leadership. If that is you, go help somebody because they need you.

I am an entrepreneur and I need great people. Without great people, I don’t have anything. So, go out and find somebody who needs your help. 

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