How To Prospect To Actually Get More Clients Fast

I’m often asked how to prospect to get more leads and make more sales.

My response is always the same: “You need to have a full pipeline.”

A full pipeline = consistent strategy calls/appointments= more sales.

It’s as simple as that. 

You actually don’t even need to be great at selling if you always have a full pipeline.

Because there’s a certain amount of people that will buy your program or product, given you talk to the right amount of people every day.

However, getting trained in sales will increase your closing ratio big time so I definitely do recommend it.

The way that you have a full pipeline is by learning how to prospect effectively that will result in getting more clients.

In other words, you need to be proud of what you do and believe in your product or service so much that you cannot help but prospect wherever you go.

I like to call it being a “proud prospector”. (I even made a hat like that).

So let’s talk about the best prospecting techniques that will help you fill up your pipeline and keep it full so you can consistently get more clients in your business.

But before we do that let’s look at what prospecting is and why you need to do it if you’re in business.

What is prospecting?

Prospecting is simply searching for potential customers or clients.

A prospect is a lead that could potentially become a client.

So when you’re prospecting, you’re actively on the lookout for someone that needs your service or product.

If you are in business, prospecting must become a way of life.

It must become a part of you.

Because the life and health of your business will depend on your ability to get people’s attention by prospecting.

Even when you run ads to get leads, you’re prospecting. It’s just a leveraged form of prospecting and one where you exchange money for time.

However, when your business is in the starting phase, you must be prepared to prospect in a one-on-one scenario.

Because nobody knows what you do and who you are.

The better and more consistently you do this, the faster your business will grow and the more clients you’ll get.

The Best Prospecting Techniques

There are many ways to prospect. But we won’t get into those ways in this post. If you want to learn all about Digital Prospecting that works, get my course.

You can choose what method you want to implement. Some examples are, emails, phone calls, social media messaging, networking or even door-to-door prospecting.

But it doesn’t matter which avenue you pick to find more potential clients.

What matters is that you get in contact with, or touch a certain amount of people every day.

You need to get out of obscurity and let people know about your product or services.

The more attention you get, the better off you’ll be.

Let’s go over some key prospecting techniques and habits that will ensure you get more clients and not waste your time.

1. Implement A "Holy Time" Every Day

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen over the many years that I’ve worked with sales teams and consulting clients is that prospecting gets pushed to the back of the priority list every day.

But this is a big mistake.

If you don’t have leads, your business is not going to last.  You’ve got to have leads to last.

One way I recommend my students do this is to implement a “Holy Time” for lead generation into their day every day. (No disrespect intended).

A Holy Time for the growth of your business. 

The Holy Time I’m talking about is your time for prospecting. In order to really fill up your pipeline, you must have a daily schedule that includes prospecting and reaching out to people. It doesn’t matter when or what time of day it is. What matters is THAT you do it every day.

Let’s say for example that your set time to prospect is from 9 am – 12 pm every day. If this is what you put on your calendar, stick with it.

Do not do it one day and then skip it the next day.

You’ve got to see this time as the most important part of your day. Because if you don’t, you’ll find other things to do that might be more interesting.

Whatever happens, don’t plan anything during your Holy Time hours.

Only focus on prospecting and reaching out to people. I guarantee you will be on your way to filling up your pipeline really fast like that.

2. Stick With Your Numbers

This kind of goes along with my previous point.

When you set an amount of people to reach out to, stick with it until you’ve reached that number.

It’s best not to go under or over in either direction.

Let’s say for instance that your goal is to establish a connection with 30 people every day.

If that’s your number, stick with that number. No more, no less.

Refrain from reaching out to 15 one day and make up for it the next day. Because you really want to set a routine and if you don’t stick with the same amount of outreaches or calls every day, it’s easy to begin to slack off.

There is a certain number that I recommend you try and reach every day.

If you are good at sales and you’ve been doing it for a long time, you won’t have to necessarily talk to the same amount of people every day to book 3-4 appointments. (Booking 3-4 appointments, 5 days per week, is a good goal to have. This will lead to a minimum of 2 sales per week).

However, if you’re new and your business is new, it’s important to stick with your numbers.

Yes, sales is a numbers game. But there is also a level of skill involved.

The better you can connect with people and present a possible solution to their problems, the more appointments you will make.

Here is the estimate of the amount of people you need to reach out to if you want to book 3-4 appointments per day.

Door to door: 30 doors per day

Cold Calling: 85-100 calls per day

Social media prospecting: 60 messages per day

Additionally, you can use methods such as emails or networking.

3. Keep A Positive Attitude

If there’s something that will increase your success in prospecting and sales, it’s having a good attitude around sales.

 “Selling is something you do for someone and not to someone”.

This is a powerful attitude to embody.  Always look for ways to add value to people.

Zig Ziglar, a great salesman and motivational speaker used to say, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.”

What could this look like in a prospecting encounter?

  1. Genuinely try and discover what the prospects biggest problem is right now as it pertains to their business
  2. Ask questions and let them talk as opposed to vomiting your services on them
  3. Give them a piece of information or content that could help them
  4. Keep following up with helpful information

4. Look For RIPE Prospects

I teach my students to look for the low-hanging fruit.

When you’re prospecting, you’re not looking to force your product or service down someone’s throat.

In fact, you’re looking to do the opposite.

You’re searching for the person that wants exactly that which you have to offer and has already been thinking about their need for it.  

The person who is already looking for you.

These people are RIPE prospects.

What does RIPE stand for?

R stands for Ready. If the prospect is not ready for your service or product, it doesn’t matter how great you are, they will not buy from you. They must be ready and looking for what you have to offer.

I stands for Interested. A prospect must obviously be interested in what you  have to offer. If they don’t display any interest, they are not going to buy from you and you can move on to another person.

P stands for Positive. Negative Nelly’s or Nelson’s are not going to be in a state of mind to buy from you anyway. If they are, they’re likely to be a pain to deal with down the road. It’s best to brush off and move on.

E stands for Eager. This one is super important. Your prospect must be eager to make a change or implement the solution that you have to offer.

If you focus on RIPE prospects, you’ll find the prospecting process to be much more enjoyable.

Remember, you are not trying to sell anyone anything that they don’t need. You are only looking to help those that are already searching for help.

5. Believe In Your Product Or Service

Nothing is going to make you better at prospecting than you truly believing in your product or service.

If you are not 100% convinced that you have the solution to somebody’s problem, you’re not going to be excited about prospecting.

I can give you all of the best prospecting techniques in the world but if you’re not sold on your own deal, you won’t do well selling it.

If you lack belief in your product or service, take some time to get re-sold on what you do. 

You can do this by going over testimonials by people that you’ve helped, or taking some time to improve your offering.

How To Prospect To Get More Clients

4 steps to prospecting to actually get more clients today

So what does it look like to prospect in a way that results in getting more clients? Here are 4 very important things that you don’t want to miss.

1. Be Personable

Nobody wants to be sold to. You probably don’t like to see ads pop up when you’re trying to watch a Youtube video or when you’re searching for something specific online.

Well, neither does your prospect.

Instead, be a real person and let them know that you care.

But this does not mean that you have to hide your real intentions. Don’t do that. Doing that is not going to end well.

The key is to be real and authentic.

For example, use the prospect’s first name when talking to them. Be friendly, warm and genuinely interested in how you could potentially help them.

Start the conversations with the intention of helping somebody.

Being personable is more important than ever because these days so many things are automated. 

If you can show up real and authentic, you will do really well.

2. Use Social Media

If you are still not using social media to prospect, you’re really missing out big time.

Obviously, this does not mean you should spam people with your product or service and neither does it mean that you fill up people’s inboxes with sales  pitches.

It means that you take the opportunity to add value by,

  1. Posting about things people care about (aka bringing solutions to real problems)
  2. Reaching out to people on a one-to-one basis, in a conversational manner
  3. Establishing a following of people that benefit from your posts

3. Don't Be Afraid To Ask

Most people don’t do as good as they could be doing in sales because they do not have the guts and courage to ASK.

Yes, that’s right.

Maybe you have this problem too.

Perhaps you were discouraged as a young child to ask or bother people for things. Well, that kind of attitude is not going to get you far. (Even though your parents were well-intended).

In life, you must muster up the courage to do things that scare you.

In business, you must be courageous as well.

You’ve got to ask what a potential prospect needs help with.

You’ve got to ask if they want to get on a call with you.

You also are going to have to ask for the sale later on.

If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

It is a principle. Those who are not afraid to ask, are the ones that go much farther in life.

Consequently, they are also the ones that usually do better in business. 

4. Don't Sell On The First Encounter

This is something that I believe to be very important.

It’s part of creating a sales process that your prospect is going to love.

When you are prospecting, it’s very important to let the prospect know that you are not trying to sell them anything.

Instead, what you are trying to do is to set up an appointment with them to see how and if there is a way that your product or services can help them.

This is especially important if you are a consultant or coach, or you have a higher ticket product.

Not selling on the first encounter takes the pressure off of your prospect and gives you an opportunity to build more trust with them. It also allows you to fully understand what they need and if you can truly help them.

In Conclusion...

Prospecting is not difficult.

It is actually quite enjoyable if you enjoy the hunt.

Learning how to prospect to get more clients is one of the best things you can do for your business.

The reason I am a huge proponent of prospecting and not relying solely on advertising, is because you have control over the outcome. This is not the case with paid advertising, even though I definitely recommend automation at some point in your business.

The bottom line with prospecting, is to add value to people and to talk to enough people every day. If you do this, you’ll be booked full with appointments.

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