Sales Myth #9: Word Of Mouth Is The Best Form Of Advertising

“Everyone knows that the best form of advertising is word of mouth.” 


“I don’t pay for advertising, I just let people tell others how great I am. The majority of our business is word of mouth.” 


Sound like something you’ve heard before? 


Maybe you’ve even been the one saying those things. 


First off, the people that have this kind of mindset are usually broke, or not making much money at all. 


But let’s take a look at Apple for a moment. 


Don’t you think that they have enough going on that they, if anybody,  could exist off of word of mouth advertising? 


What about Microsoft? And what about all of the different companies out there that spend millions of dollars on advertising every year. But these are the companies with the longest track record. And, ironically, the most amount of people already know who they are. 


The people that rely solely on word of mouth advertising fall into one of two categories: 


One, they’re either dumb, meaning they are not informed about a certain topic, so they are ignorant to the fact that what they’re saying holds little truth. 


Or two, they’re paying for advertising in a roundabout way.

Let me give you the reasons it would not be great for you, or for businesses in general, to run solely on word of mouth advertising.

  1. You’re at the mercy of other people. Why would you depend on other people to tell others about your business? I don’t know about you but I don’t like that idea at all. There is very little security in that because I don’t know if other people are going to talk about me or not. I’m giving away my ability to control my business. 

Plus, I am not going to wait on anybody. 


I am the one to take the initiative and make shit happen. I’m not going to wait for somebody to tell another person about my business and how great I am. 


I’ll do what I can to get out and tell you myself! I’m going to make the content and pay for the ad-spend. I need to do my part in reaching out and getting out of obscurity so people can know about me.


If you are waiting on other people to bring you new business and you’re not doing any advertising, I’m 99% sure that you’re poor. And I consider people to be poor that are under the 1%,i.e., making less than $450,000 a year. 


Honestly, I don’t even consider $450,000 to be that much money. The truth is that you can’t afford to get cancer on that amount or pay for alternative treatments because of taxes and so on. 


  1. You have a low ceiling for growth. People that rely on word of mouth 99% of the time don’t have a good staff in place. And sometimes people say that they have all the business they can handle. But when I ask them how many employees they have, they say they can’t afford to hire employees! 


Something is off here.

Hiring people should never cost you any money. 

The truth is that when you hire properly, every employee makes you money.

Every employee should free up time so that you can be focusing on generating more money into your business. 

So if you hire a bookkeeper it’s so that you don’t have to do the bookkeeping tasks, which frees up your time. 

Bottom line is, that you don’t want your business running off word of mouth. It’s a bad plan. 

You want to do everything you can to add more value to people in exchange for money. 

It seems like this is something that people would just get but the reality is they don’t because they bought into the conventional wisdom that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. 

Keep in mind that conventional wisdom is almost always wrong. 

You’ll never hear industry titans say that they rely on word of mouth strategies. Elon Musk doesn’t say that. 

PR (Public Relations) is a form of advertising. That’s why you see Elon Musk doing interviews, being on TV, making announcements and press releases. 

That’s a form of advertising. 

If he weren’t doing that, he wouldn’t be making a tenth of all the noise that he makes. 

What about Bill Gates or Warren Buffet? 

They are constantly putting out books and/or being interviewed. They are putting themselves out there all the time! 

So you’re either paying for advertising in the form of money or you’re paying for it in the form of time. 

But most business owners are not doing that. They’re not doing PR which, as we already stated, is a form of advertising, and they are also not using paid advertising. 

So they’re just relying on word of mouth. And they think that they’re being like Elon. 

You’ve got to participate in paid advertising so you can control the narrative. You don’t want to rely on what other people will do for you. That’s a faulty business plan. 

Word of mouth is good but it’s not a great strategy to rely on. 

However, conventional wisdom will tell you that it’s the best form. 

This is another reason I tell everyone to create an ICONIC status for themselves in their brand. Because when you’re building an ICON status for yourself, you’re controlling the narrative. You are on the offense, generating more value propositions  to as many people as possible. Because of this you’ll make more money as more people know about you. 

Do you know what your biggest problem in business is? 

It’s that not enough people know about you.

So you’ve got to get out of the darkness or out of obscurity so that people can see your light! You need to have it as a mission to awaken people out of their stupor so they can be helped by your products or services.

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