The #1 Thing You Need To Be A Successful Online Consultant

I’ve talked to, literally, thousands of online consultants and coaches in the industry. 

And I’ve come to find that 9.5 out of 10 get lost in the minutia, the details. As a result, they are leaving a lot of money on the table. Sometimes they’re not even getting started properly because they’ve gotten so stuck in the process! 

I often get asked about my secret sauce as to how I got to where I am.

Consultants and coaches ask me, “Aaron, what’s the one thing I have to do to make a lot of money in my business?”

“Do I need to get my funnel optimized?”

 “What about joint ventures?” 

Do I need to get a huge email list?”

I get all kinds of questions like these on a daily basis. Many are looking for the one thing that they are missing that others in the industry have done that made them successful.

I usually tell them that the answer to their search will not be found in a gimmick. It won’t be found in the latest trend or marketing hype. Therefore the answer I give these consultants looking to be successful is, 

Whatever It Takes”.

Be willing to do and do whatever it takes to get to where you want to go. There are not short-cuts.


The Problem With Gimmicks

Gimmicks are a short-term, not a long-term strategy.

Sure, there are those people that have been the first to jump on a bandwagon and have seen some success in it. 

But these gimmicks are not a long term answer to the original problem that online consultants have who are wanting to change their life and their family’s life with an extraordinary amount of income.

Gimmicks go just as fast as they come. Your success will ultimately not be found in a gimmick even though there is nothing necessarily wrong with using them as a tool. 

Success. What Does It Look Like?

There are a certain set of people that I keep my eye on and who I like to study when it comes to business mindset. These people are high performers and include guys like, Elon Musk, the late Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Dan Penha and Ray Dalio, amongst some others. 

All of these guys have one thing in common: They have a certain kind of attitude that was instilled in them very early on in life. It is the, “Whatever It Takes”, attitude. 

This means that whatever it takes to succeed is what it takes.

Some people get there faster, while others take a longer time. However, that is not the point. The point is never settling with being satisfied.

 A person who says that they are satisfied with where they are at is actually just saying that they have quit. 

Saying they are satisfied means that they have stopped wanting to grow. Therefore, they have stopped wanting to make an impact on the lives of their clients and are now settling into mediocrity whether this be knowingly or unknowingly.

They have removed themselves out of their favorite game and have sat down on the bench, not wanting to play any longer. 

Do You Have Whatever It Takes?

High Performers and people who have the “Whatever It Takes” attitude  never bench themselves.

They stay in the game and use their current success to fuel their next success until eventually they dominate their space. 

They literally impact the world. Think about that. The key to being successful as a consultant is to have the right attitude. 

Try not to get lost in the details of what’s the best way to do this or do that.

 Just know that as a consultant and coach, you need to get very good at sales and client acquisition.

No amount of fancy copy is going to convince a client to work with you more than you can. (Even though it can help).

Especially as the industry gets more and more competitive.

Now, more than ever, you need to remain focused on the main thing, which is getting leads online and closing sales. That is what makes your business a business. 

Do you have the “whatever it takes” attitude but you’re currently stuck in your business?

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