The #1 Way To Become The Best Salesperson You Know

People reach out to me often asking me what they should do next in order to get more leads and make more sales. 

They tell me that they’ve tried this method or that method but they’re still not getting enough leads or closing enough sales. 

So how do I respond to that? (Besides pointing them to some of my very best courses on sales and marketing, of course).

What is the problem? 

Are You Doing Enough?

“The problem is that you are not doing enough.”

This response often frustrates people because in many cases they are doing as much as they know how to do. Hearing that they just need to do more is not the answer they would like to get. 

However, that is the answer. The solution is to do more. By doing more I mean to do more of more things. 

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. 

Are you digital prospecting?

Are you networking? 

Or are you creating content regularly and sharing it with the appropriate people? Is your website optimized?

Are you making calls? 

Are you actively looking to hire people – immediate producers and commission-based people- that don’t cost you any money?

And are you doing all of these things regularly?

Become A Great Salesperson

The sales game is a big game. If you are on a sales team or you’re an entrepreneur getting business from other people, your job is to make sales. 

The key to doing everything is to structure your day in a way that you are able to get the most done. 

Wake up early, create content and share it out with people, for example. 

This can lead to doing some digital prospecting and calling people. Then, perhaps you create some content and post it on your site and sent it out to people. 

The problem with implementing only one of these methods is that these things eb and flow. One week or month, digital prospecting might be working well while the next month it does not. 

This can be due to the weather, the economy, or any other outside force. Never rely on just one method. 

Of course nothing beats getting eyeball to eyeball with people. 

There is nothing that replaces physical contact. If you have an opportunity to meet someone in person, take advantage of it. 

Sometimes we hear gurus say that the only thing you must do is to set up a funnel and let the money flow in. However, if that were the case why are these gurus speaking on stages, hosting events, doing interviews and taking pictures with people? Because they know that you have to get toe to toe with people as well. 

Are you finding places to speak at? 

Who are you going out to lunch with? 

Who do you have breakfast with? 

The reality is that you can’t do business with yourself or else you’d already be rich.

The point is, you need to be doing everything. Don’t rely upon one strategy, one flow or one networking event. 

Get into the habit of working all angles of your business.

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