The Best Way To Get More Leads As An Online Consultant

There’s a saying in sales and it goes like this, “You’ve got to have leads to last”. 

This is especially true if you are not good at sales (yet) or you are new to business. 

Your solution? Be obsessed with having a full pipeline.

What Is Your Pipeline?

I define your pipeline as the people that have had your offer presented to them or are on their way to having your offer presented to them. 

In other words, you are hunting them.

These could be people that you see at a networking event, businesses you see on billboards or people that you may not have talked to yet but you see how they could be a good prospect and doing business with them could be a great deal for both of you. 

They could be social media followers or people that visit your website and blog posts. 

Perhaps you have some people that you have already spoken with but you have not been able to present the offer to them yet – these are also people that go in your pipeline. 

You need a lot of people in all of the three phases:

  1. Potential leads
  2. Leads you are already working
  3. Leads to follow up with

We all know that there are personality types out there that buy everything. They buy from you because they are easily enthused about things and are excited to buy.

So one group of people buy anything.

Another group of people need exactly what you have so it’s all about timing. Some people say that sales is all about timing but that’s not always true because sometimes you have to create the right timing for the prospect, or else they are going to put it off for a “better” time. A time which more likely than not will never come. 

[bctt tweet=”If you are not very good at sales or you’re still learning how to close and how to deal with objections, the one thing you can do is to go above and beyond to fill up your pipeline. ” username=”aaronjanx”]

That includes networking, cold-calling, digital prospecting, all of the above. But there are also plenty of automated methods to get leads online, which include SEO and running targeted ads.

Focus On Leads And Make More Money

If you suck at closing sales, you can compensate by having a full pipeline. If you are just starting in business or you need to make more money this next month, focus on leads. 

It’s about volume. 

Maybe it’s true that you are not the best talker, or that you don’t specifically excel at closing deals but that won’t stop you from making a sale with the people that buy easily and the people that see your product as a God-sent.

You don’t have to be good, you have to be active. You’ve got to show up. You’ll get good by practicing.

4 Ways To Get More Leads

1. Go to networking events and referral groups, talk to people wherever you go and tell them what you do. You will get some people just by doing that because it’s perfect timing for them. 

2. Use your social media platforms to connect with people all over the world. We have a great practical guide and training on how to book strategy calls using digital prospecting. Check out our Digital Prospecting Course at a discounted price here.

3. Optimize your website and content for sales so that you can get more traffic, also called SEO.  You can talk to us about it, or find some more great information on how to optimize your site here. 

4. If you have extra money, start running ads. Advertising is basically prospecting to the masses. 

Those are 4 basic steps that you can take to fill up your pipeline and get more leads. If you want to know more about building a massively successful business and be around other like-minded people, join the best Facebook group for entrepreneurs out there, Janx Tank.