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The Perfect FB Pixel Retargeting Sequence PDF

If you want to start getting more clients with your FB marketing campaigns, grab my Facebook Pixel Retargeting PDF and start to get more clients on autopilot right away. 

I will show you the exact 5 step process to get an abundance of clients or sales completely automated. This works even if you’re brand new and have zero online following!

How To Get Clients Using Social Media Guide

If you’re not getting new leads from your social media platforms every month, you’re missing out. We are known to have the best digital prospecting course out there and in this guide, we tell you exactly how to get 10-20 new leads per month without spending a dime on ads. It’s free now, so download it while you can!


Janx Virtual Sales Training System For Businesses

We provide the most in-depth, extensive and modern virtual sales training for sales teams on the planet. By covering everything from lead generation, follow up and hiring great people, we help you increase your sales by 30 – 50%. Our VT system provides abundant accountability, tracking and the ability to see exactly where your team members are falling short. Schedule a call with us today to see how our amazing training system can benefit your organization.

Client Flow Hero Course For Consultants

Get our guided course and learn how to get clients on autopilot using Facebook advertising campaigns. If you are a consultant or coach and you want to get an abundance of clients every week, this course will teach you how to set up your own Facebook ads in a simple 5-step process proven to be very successful. 

Digital Marketing /SEO

If you’ve been focusing mainly on growing your business and getting leads via your social media following – and you’ve been neglecting SEO, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Our team of experts offer hands-on SEO consulting to businesses who want to increase their leads every week organically via content creation and website optimization. Schedule a free strategy call today to see how we can help you explode your sales this month!


How To Start A Consulting Business: 100 Video Series

Free video training series on how to start a consulting business. We give more value in this series than 99.99% of people charge for. Enjoy!

How To Sell Amazingly To Anyone at Anytime

Grab our PDF and training on how to conduct the perfect sales call to start closing more sales on the phone or in person. It gives you step -by-step instructions on what to say and focus on in each phase of the call.
Print it out and keep it
with you when you’re on a sales call!


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